Will they ever return? Are you doomed to live without them in this lifetime? It can be a worrying and stressful time.

But it doesn’t need to be. Feeling stress like this is a perfectly normal part of the journey you are on.

Twin Flame stress is a stage of your relationship that many people go through. And many before you, and many will go through after you.

As is always the case, understanding the situation will help to relieve some of the pain of it. With knowledge and wisdom comes inner peace.

Why Do Twin Flames Run?

The first thing you might be unaware of is how common it is for one Twin Flame to run from the relationship.

It happens all the time. It doesn’t happen in every single partnership, but it does happen in most of them.

The reasons for this happening have two basic levels – the emotional and the spiritual.

On an emotional level, it is quite easy to understand why they might flee the relationship.

After all, you have felt yourself the power of feeling that exists between you, and it isn’t difficult to see why that might scare your twin flame a little bit.

It’s worth admitting that there is something a bit scary about the whole Twin Flame journey.

It’s not like a healthy relationship where two people attempt to mesh their lives together.

It involves a wholesale change in the way you see love and experience, and how you relate to your higher self.

It’s a soul relationship – and that cuts deep. It requires you to lay your soul bare, and some people simply aren’t ready to face the truths this will reveal.

So they run. Your twin flame will deny how they truly feel. They deny the power of the connection, and they reject the pull they feel towards you.

They do it in a misguided attempt to protect their heart because they can’t yet see how being together could be the most durable protection of all.

Running is also a clear indicator that they, and consequently you, are not ready for a twin flame union.

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If They Are Your Twin Flame At All

All that is true, assuming they actually are your Twin Flame. Unfortunately, it could also be a case of mistaken identity.

It is easier than you might think to make this mistake.

Deep within every one of us, there is a primal need to find our one true love.

It sits at the core of our being and plays a part in almost everything we do. In a way, we live to find love.

This can lead to problems that come from your own wishful thinking.

In other words, we can be so desperate to find our Twin Flame that we convince ourselves that we have already found them.

While you are waiting for your Twin Flame Runner to come back, it is worth taking a moment to consider if they are who you think they are.

With a little breathing room, it is easier to lift the fog and see clearly for a moment.

Re-examine the signs. Are they still as obvious to you now as they were before?

Many people struggle with not listening to the universe as much as they should, but it is also perfectly possible for us to hear the universe speak when it doesn’t.

While you are doing this, you will find it helpful to think about the nature of your relationship up to this point.

There is something called the False Twin Flame relationship.

On the surface, it seems exactly like you have met your true twin, but there are subtle differences that only become clear over time.

We have some information elsewhere on the site about how to spot a false twin, but there is one big difference you might be able to spot straight away.
When you were closest, did you look to the future or the past?

The false twin obsesses over the past and brings the same out in you, whereas your true twin will urge you to look to the future.

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This is one easy way of spotting a false twin.

When Will My Twin Flame Runner Come Back?

Patience is a virtue, but not a particularly easy one to embody. It’s painful waiting and not knowing if they will ever come back.

Here’s the good news: if they are your Twin Flame, they will come back to you the moment that you are both ready for the journey to begin in earnest.

Of course, we live in a universe of dualities, so there is some bad news to go with the good.

They might never be ready in this lifetime, and the same might be true of you.

This may seem desperately sad, but there is a good reason that many people do not unite with their Twin Flame with every reincarnation.

The Twin Flame journey is not really about happiness or fulfillment.

Those are merely side effects of fulfilling a deeper spiritual purpose. It refuses to happen on our timetable, stalwart in its insistence that we must wait until we are ready.

Silver Lining

There’s a silver lining to that cloud.

It means that if your Twin Flame Runner doesn’t come back, it is for one of two reasons:

Either they were not your true twin in the first place, so you still have every chance of meeting them somewhere down the road.

Or they are your true twin, but you are not meant to be together in this lifetime.

This can be freeing if you see it as permission from the universe to concentrate on your own soul before taking on the burden of another’s.

In a way, they will come back no matter what. We do not just live one life. We are all reborn many times over and will be reunited with our

Twin Flame and the rest of our soul group for lifetimes to come.

Maybe the next time your souls cross paths, those paths will join.

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