The Sacred Union of Twin Flames holds within it all that anyone could ask for.

When the union is fully engaged, the twins experience peace, happiness, and utter fulfillment.

It is a unique, exclusive partnership available only to that exact soul match, that marks the final phases of your journey through 3D consciousness.

On a broader scale, the fact that this is happening all over the world at a faster rate marks a humanity-wide transition.

Twin Flames who come into Sacred Union are traveling towards Ascension.

This Ascension is not just a victory in personal development; it is also part of something bigger – a step on a journey for all of us.

Twin Flame Reunion

You have been energetically linked with your Twin Flame since your soul was created.

Each soul has a twin complementary counterpart, formed from the same underlying “blueprint” or vibrational pattern.

Over the course of many incarnations you have met them numerous times.

In most cases, the Union is not realized because one or both of you are not ready for it.

Every single issue that even remotely triggers you in the negative must be healed entirely and replaced with a balanced and peaceful response.

In the same way that we must engage in personal development for our entire lives, we must engage in spiritual development across many lives.

We enter into agreements with our closest energy relatives – known as our Soul Group – to develop Soul Contracts.

Entering into a Soul Contract is like laying down a development plan for your life.

You agree with your soulmates on the lessons that you will teach each other in this incarnation.

The purpose is to increase your karma. Everything but karma is lost in the transfer between lives.

Your positive and negative karma is your soul’s inheritance from your previous incarnations.

Once you have accrued enough of it and rid yourself of all the sources of bad karma (negative energy) in your life, then you will be ready for your Twin Flame.

The likelihood that both of you will reach this clear karmic state in the same lifetime by sheer chance is very low. Luckily, the universe has its thumb on the scale.

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Synchronicity Brings Sacred Union To Twin Flames

There is a beautiful mechanism at play in the universe, and it has a hand in the everyday occurrences around us.

It is called synchronicity, which refers to the engineering of coincidence by your higher self.

When something is “meant to be,” that is an example of synchronicity.

Events are always in motion, and there are too many variables for the rational mind to take into account. The world is chaotic and unpredictable.

But through the higher self, we can understand the chaos by intuition.

By listening to the wisdom and guidance found within, we can find the right path.

Synchronicity is one of the driving forces behind the Twin Flame journey.

From the very beginning of the Union process, synchronicities are running rife, conspiring to strengthen your connection and bring you together.

A union could not happen without the power of synchronicity, but synchronicity is not omnipotent.

It is only effective when we are conscious of it, being present in the moment and open to messages from the universe.

Your powers of manifestation are strongly linked to the synchronicity in your life.

Keep your intent certain and your mind open, and the universe will bend itself to accommodate.

What’s So Special About Sacred Union?

Throughout your life, you will meet many people who make you happy.

You will have romances, friendships, and other relationships that bring you fulfillment, inner peace, and happiness.

So what makes the Twin Flame relationship so different?

What sets it apart from all the other worthwhile relationships you experience over your time here on Earth?

The difference is that all those other relationships are mundane.

That’s not a judgment – it doesn’t make them any less worthwhile, any less exciting or fulfilling, or life-affirming. It’s a statement of fact.

“Mundane” here just means that it is a relationship rooted in the physical, mental, and emotional.

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Twin Flames share an energy relationship.

Their connection does have roots in the physical, mental and emotional but it also has its roots in the auric body, the higher self.

In a mundane partnership, there can be love, passion, and even purpose.

But there will never be the spiritual element that you can get from your true Mirror Soul. It is the difference between two people who work well together and two people who become one.

Self-Discovery Through Sacred Union In Twin Flames

The key difference between just falling in love and finding true Sacred Union is that the latter is more about your relationship with yourself.

In a mundane relationship, both partners can make the other feel happy and whole, but Twin Flames drive each other to find happiness from within.

This means that happiness is not reliant on staying in the relationship, which makes it more permanent.

It also makes the relationship more permanent because people who can love themselves are far more able to love others.

Sacred Union is about more than just the connection between two people; it is also the realization of the self.

It is a step on the journey towards higher consciousness, recognition from the universe that you are cleansed of the old wounds that held you down before.

It is the process of becoming a more evolved person by engaging with your mirror image.

Your Twin Flame is like a mirror that shows you your flaws, but this mirror loves and supports you in overcoming them.

This is the reason that you have to prepare so carefully for the Twin Flame relationship.

By clearing your negative energy and dealing with old wounds you are laying the groundwork for this final push.

Coming into Union with your Twin Flame is the final leg of a long journey that you have been on for a long time.

You don’t remember it just yet, but soon enough, you will ascend into 5D consciousness where the journey in its entirety becomes clearer.

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