Are you a Twin Flame Lightworker?

As the process of awakening on Earth accelerates to a pace never seen before, this is becoming more and more common.

On the surface of it, Mirror Souls and Lightworkers have very little to do with each other.

The former are people who meet their Mirror Soul in this lifetime and come together in Union.

The latter are people who work to raise the vibrations of humanity by spreading love, healing, and light.

But the two are actually inextricably linked, and there is a lot of overlap between the two groups.

So let’s discuss the ins and outs of this unique phenomenon:

What Is A Twin Flame Lightworker?

A Twin Flame Lightworker is simply someone who is both in a Mirror Soul relationship and performs Lightwork as prescribed by their soul mission.

Usually, it is just one partner in the relationship who is also a Lightworker, and they typically take the role of the Chaser and the leader in spiritual development.

This is related to their connection with their higher self, and they usually help their partner to make the same connection with theirs.

This particular dynamic works really well. It can help to iron over some of the creases caused by the intensity of the relationship.

Are All Twin Flames Lightworkers?

The short answer is: No.

Most Twin Flames are not Lightworkers because those who have activated their light body are very rare.

Although it is becoming less rare these days because of the growing global awakening, it is still a rare thing to be.

However, those who have found their Mirror Soul are far, far more likely to unlock their light body and begin on their Lightworker journey.

The reason for this is that the Mirror Soul journey involves a lot of spiritual development.

This spiritual development makes it far more likely that you will reach the level of vibration required to unlock your higher self.

It also works the other way around. People who unlock their light body become more connected to their intuition, higher consciousness, and cosmic energy.

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This makes them more open to the synchronicity signs that guide them to their Twin Flame.

These two groups of people really have nothing to do with each other, yet they are intimately interconnected to the point that it can seem like they are.

This is the essence of oneness, evidence of the fact that everything is interlinked through the power of energy.

Lightwork With Your Twin Flame

If you or your partner is a Lightworker, then you can both engage in Lightwork together.

This can serve a double purpose that benefits both the soul mission and the journey of Mirror Souls.

Lightwork involves spreading love and light to people who need it, as well as healing where necessary.

This can be undertaken in many ways, with the most obvious being medicine, nursing, or even energy healing.

Any time you are helping others to live more fulfilling lives, you are spreading love and light.

This meshes perfectly with your Mirror Soul relationship.

The focus in that relationship is on personal and spiritual development, improving yourselves and each other.

A big part of that is in shedding ego. Shedding the ego and allowing oneness and universal love to become central to your thinking allows you to become closer to each other within the relationship.

It also allows you to become closer to your higher self, as this is an example of higher thought.

It could really benefit you to engage with local charities and do your bit for your community.

This is a form of healing that you can engage in without any specific skills.

But the best way is to find a skill that could be of some use to a charity or humanitarian organization. This can be incredibly fulfilling.

Is The Twin Flame Journey Lightwork?

In some ways, the Mirror Soul journey itself can be seen as Lightwork.

The process of Union – which can take a lifetime or more – involves the steady increase in vibrations over time.

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Developing yourself personally and spiritually will bring this effect, as will regular healing and meditation.

So over your time together, your vibrational energy will rise to a higher frequency, giving you a more powerful and pervasive aura.

The aura is key here. It is a sort of container for your cosmic energy.

You can think of it as the tip of the iceberg – the aura is the bit you can see poking out from the sea of your subtle body.

As your aura comes to contain higher vibrational energy, it drives forward your ascension and moves you forward on your journey.

This can have a direct effect on the people around you.

In this higher vibrational state, your aura mixes with those of the people around you, and they get some of that energy from you.

This is healing by proximity, and while it is hardly the most effective way of healing people, it is at least a simple one.

It also happens automatically. You will find that once you have made a significant amount of progress the people around you will start to make progress on their own journey at an increased pace.

In a way, just being together in public is a form of Lightwork.

It raises the vibrations of anybody that interacts with you (or even just walks past!), and this helps to clear negative energy.

The overall effect of this is to raise the vibrations of the whole of humanity.

It might not be all down to you, but in wider society, there are a lot of other Twin Flames doing the same thing.

Working in tandem, you can help raise our species to a higher dimension of consciousness.

However, don’t think that lets you off the hook.

It isn’t enough to do the minimum – not if you want to experience the final Union and ascension to 5D.

Be proactive in using your fortune in finding your true destiny to make a real difference to other people.

Doing so will reap you rewards for your own, personal journey.