Have you ever come across somebody who you felt like you’ve met before, even though you’re sure that you haven’t? That strange feeling of déjà vu is overwhelming and undeniable.

You feel an instant connection with them as if you used to be very close to each other. This might be a person that you’ve shared one of your past lives with.

You might have been in a relationship with them or had some other significant connection with them.

If your paths have crossed now in another life, it means that you have some unfinished matters to deal with.

As hard as it may be for some us to believe in the concept of reincarnation, it becomes impossible to deny when you’re actually faced with a past life connection because the emotions are very intense and powerful.

There’s no use in running away from an encounter from a past life; you should deal with them and solve whatever issues you have.

You might even learn a lot from this experience. These are the signs you need to keep an eye out for to know if you’re meeting somebody from one of your past lives:

Strong Instant Connection

When you meet someone from a past life, you instantly feel deeply connected to them. It usually takes people a lot of time and communication to build this sort of connection.

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But with them, you feel it from the very beginning. Both of you know it’s there, and it is so strong that neither of you can deny it.

Intense Aversion

You might not always come across past life lovers; there’s an equal chance of someone coming along who was your enemy.

In that instance, you immediately feel repulsed by them even though in the present life you know nothing about them so logically you don’t have a reason to hate them.

But this immediate dislike is because you had a troublesome past life relationship. This instant annoyance towards them is another sign that you’ve known that person in one of your past lives.

A Sense of Being Bonded Even When You’re Apart

You feel strongly connected to them. Even when both of you are apart from each other, you feel a strong pull and connection that keeps you bonded.

This means that your past life connection is going to grow even stronger now. You will even transcend spiritual connectivity.

Your bond will be stronger than ever, and nothing will be able to separate the two of you.

Deep Understanding of Each Other

Another sign that you’ve met someone from a past life is that you understand them perfectly. When you meet an absolute stranger, you usually don’t know anything about them.

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But with this person, it feels like both of you are like an open book to each other because you understand each other’s mind completely.

You can tell what they’re thinking without having them to say it out loud. This a sign that you shared a strong emotional connection with them in a past life.