It’s the power of Rainbow Children characteristics and traits that set this unique group of new souls apart from the rest of us.

Like Indigo and Crystal Children, before them, they have specific attributes that make them unique.

This is linked to the path that humanity must take if we are to progress as a society towards enlightenment and higher consciousness.

The Rainbows are the newest generation of high potential souls. If you want to know if your child belongs to this exclusive group, check out this list of characteristics and see how many they match.

Rainbow Children Physical Traits

There are not really any physical traits that are specific only to this group, but all Star Children (including Crystals and Indigos) tend to be striking to look at.

The most obvious way this manifests is through the eyes, as is often the case in those born with elevated energy.

Their eyes are often large, round and blue, though the color can vary and even change over time.

In terms of age, they have been arriving here since the turn of the millennium. They are most often born to Crystal parents, but this is not always the case.

They also gravitate towards stable families, which is in stark contrast to the Crystals and Indigos that have been traditionally drawn to dysfunctional families and difficult upbringings.

Gender seems to be less important to this new generation of Star Children, so it is not uncommon for them to be androgynous or gender-neutral in appearance.

Rainbow Children Personality

Most of the traits that they share are related to personality.

Overall, they appear to be the most creative, high-energy, and optimistic generation we have been blessed with so far.

Common characteristics of Rainbow Children include:

  • A lack of spiritual baggage. They are new souls that are not weighed down by the traumas of previous incarnations so that they can start with a clean slate.
  • Psychic and intuitive power. These powers are powerful an,d the potential for their further development reaches to the sky. Unlike previous generations, they do not feel like outcasts or weirdos because of their power, instead of seeing it as just a normal part of who they are.
  • High energy, often hyperactive. They buzz with activity, rarely content to sit and do nothing when something fun, meaningful, or new is on the table. This can be mistaken for being “naughty” or “easily bored,” but it is rooted in optimism – what some would call a “lust for life.”
  • Love for bright colors. Where previous generations have taken on a darker, serious aesthetic, this group loves vivid colors and playful imagery. This applies to their fashion sense, too, with both boys and girls being more likely to favor colorful clothing and accessories, as well as make-up and nail varnish.
  • They are filled with a passion for creativity. Rainbows are perhaps the most creative generation of Star Children to date, never afraid to express themselves through art, music, and poetry. They are often talented in one or more of these areas, with incredible potential for success if this is nurtured.
  • Resilient to low energy. The power of their aura makes them impervious to most incidents of low energy, meaning that they can shrug off the negativity of others and persevere through periods of trauma with mental strength.
  • They are drawn to others like them. They seem to seek each other out and are very good at finding each other, forming high energy bonds whenever they do. These result in lifelong friendships and successful relationships, but can also result in what is usually termed as an “echo chamber,” limiting their exposure to criticism and alternative ideas.
  • An innate sense of oneness. There is little need to teach a Rainbow Child that they are at one with the universe because they have that intuition from a young age. As you might expect, this results in attitudes that emphasize being more connected and conscientious towards their fellow human beings.
  • Natural healer. Star Children always have exceptional healing abilities, linked with their high empathy and sense of oneness. Their heightened energy state and psychic power give them excellent potential as healers, and they are naturally drawn to do so whenever they can.
    Highly compassionate and empathetic. They love to be of service to others and are drawn to people who need help, including charities and volunteering opportunities.
  • Not competitive. They prefer to be collaborative with others and tend to avoid highly competitive environments. However, friendly competition can be attractive for them if it is something they are passionate about, especially when it comes to high energy activities like team sports.
  • Quick to forgive. They rarely hold grudges and are not prone to pettiness, preferring to concentrate on more positive things.
    They are focused and determined. They stick to their guns and prefer not to conform to society’s accepted norms if they do not agree with them or think they are silly. Some describe this as stubbornness, but in fact, it is possible to change their mind on something – you just have to make them see why they should care, rather than expecting them to do so just because you said so.
  • Quiet for long periods. Many start to speak later than their peers, and even as adults, they can be a bit quiet. Don’t mistake this for them having anything to say though; they are simply more thoughtful and internally motivated than others.
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Nurture Rainbow Children Characteristics

If you resonate with the traits above or your child fits the characteristics, they must be nurtured to play to their strengths.

Trying to change them will not work unless you engage with them on their terms, showing them the right path in a way that they can see it themselves.

As with all Star Children, they are instinctively suspicious of authority and societal norms, so those kinds of appeals will not work.

Lead by example, and they will pick up all the skills they need to succeed.

And with the limitless potential held within them and the support of loving family and friends, they surely and certainly will.

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