The emotional vibrational frequency chart shows the value of different emotional responses measured in energy, using hertz.

As you can see, the various emotions we all experience have their place on the Herz spectrum.

This chart starts with the lowest hertz emotions like shame, guilt, and apathy to the highest, like enlightenment, peace, joy, and love.

A vibrational analysis helps you to see where you sit on this spectrum in certain situations.

Your frequency during every situation you encounter alters where you would sit on this spectrum.

It is in our best interest to aim as high as possible, as this allows for optimum health and mental clarity.

We must remind ourselves of this every day to take full advantage of this energy flow.

Know that joy is a relatively easy emotion to assess quickly, and being open to feeling it helps us to touch it for a moment.

But momentarily feeling joy and living in joy are not the same.

So how can this chart help you to live in your joy and have a more happy and fulfilling life?

Self-awareness & Your Emotional Responses

In modern culture, there is a tendency for people to stop learning in their early 20s.

Often the end of school signals the end of learning.

When most people leave the structure and support education offers and begin life as adults, new responsibilities take the place of new information.

But while you may have learned all the basic subjects that you will need to join the workforce, the process of learning to be a human is lifelong.

Unhappiness occurs when someone stops thinking about improving their emotional responses because they believe they have reached maturity.

We are constantly growing and changing, our emotions do as well.

We also need to update our emotional responses to keep up with that movement.

The problem is that adverse emotional reactions get repeated, leading them into habits that are difficult to stop.

They are automatic reactions, done without thinking, and that is dangerous for the people around us and our well being.

That is why self-awareness of your base energy level is critical to self-preservation.

When you recognize how you react in certain situations, you can consult the emotional vibrational frequency chart to see where you score.

What you feel is the exchange of energy with another person. Your response to the interaction determines the outcome.

When you wish to change the outcome, it helps you see where you can improve.

The goal is to raise your vibrations and eventually exist in a higher state.

Here is something to try: Think back to how you reacted the last time you received criticism.

Where on the chart, best describes your state of mind and, eventually, your reaction?

Did you respond angrily?

It does not matter if it was inward or outward anger; it is the same emotion.

If you did, you responded at a low frequency.

Think about the effect that response had on the situation and your well-being and how it affected the person criticizing you.

Another try: When was the last time someone complimented you?

Did you respond by getting embarrassed? When we feel embarrassed, it comes from feeling to proud or unworthy.

Did you ignore it, a sign of apathy?

Or did you respond in kind and compliment them back?

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If you did reply in kind, then that is a response of acceptance and love, both high frequencies.

It is often easier to respond positively when we realize that doing so is taking the high road.

When we reject a compliment, we are, in actuality, rejecting the person and not so much what they said.

Ultimately it gives power to our lowest vibration by taking their energy with this positive/negative exchange.

Where Do You Want To Be On The Emotional Vibrational Frequency Chart?

As we grow up, we learn to don a mask and hide our real feelings.

To keep our emotions in check hiding our real reactions not to upset anyone and risk casting shame on our family’s reputation.

Usually, achieving this self-control through practice and feedback – when we tell our children to “calm down” or “cheer up” or “it’s no big deal, get over it.”

Children are not equipped mentally or emotionally to react “appropriately” by society’s standards. It is when we are our most pure and unbroken.

Natural unfiltered honesty is the most precious and revered trait of our young ones.

It is refreshing and real to speak your truth, but we must apply some tact with our delivery for our preservation and collective harmony.

As adults, we have to deal with other people’s problems and tragedies that are far more extreme with more significant consequences.

More often than not, these events are far from our control, and they take us by surprise.

In this instance, when we are thrown headfirst into chaos, we act on instinct rather than reason.

It is at this precise moment that we need to record ourselves mentally. Play it back once the storm has passed.

You will see how being conscious of your emotional responses can be most useful.

Sift through your mental recording and see yourself from a distance. Only then will you understand how others see you.

Only then can you see your incorrect learned responses and start to be able to alter them to fit a higher vibration.

When you are at your happiest or saddest, most excited or most anxious, take a mental account of how this makes you respond.

Check where you sit and how that relates to the chart’s frequency.

Try this: whenever you experience a significant event or interaction, write down what it was and how you responded in an emotional sense.

Later, once the initial reaction has faded, look at where that response is on the frequency chart.

Is it where you want to be?

Could you be higher on that chart and live a happier and more fulfilling life?

Controlling Your Emotions With The Emotional Vibrational Frequency Chart

Merely being aware of how you respond in certain situations is one step towards keeping your emotions safeguarded positively.

Attaining balance and a high-frequency of thought is a gradual process that requires consciousness, awareness, and a lot of practice.

Neuro-linguistic programming is one toolset that you can use to help reprogram yourself to respond in the way you want.

It’s a little beyond the scope of this article, but if you are looking for a rabbit-hole to dive down, then that is a productive one.

There are also more ways you can help the process of learning to tap into your high energy flow..

Meditation is a fabulous way of calming your mind and reaching a state of reason (high frequency) and peace (even higher) from which to analyze your behaviors.

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You can do this after or before stressful or emotional times, but it is more effective when you make it a daily habit.

Replacing your old bad habits is much easier when you have new, healthy ones to fill the gap.

Having something to look forward to every day is a great place to make a start.

Something as simple as taking a relaxing bath can ease tension and bring a bit of peace into your day.

Exercise is also an effective way of keeping a positive outlook as the endorphin rush increases positivity and mental energy.

The picture above shows a beautiful soul running through water from a garden sprinkler, the joy on his wee face is infectious.

When we remember to take the time to experience joy, it sparks the light in us. Don’t forget that life is about the pleasure of the journey, not the destination.

We always feel inner pride when we do what we know is good for us. We can start to hate ourselves if we break promises we made to our souls.

It is one thing to let someone down, but always letting yourself down is a sure-fire way to bring your energy down to an all-consuming low.

Once it is wallowing so dark and deep it is hard to raise up.

Mental energy is vital as it takes more of it to respond in a high-frequency way than it does to respond with emotions like anger and desire.

The key is not to allow yourself to get complacent. Keep your humility by remembering that you are not perfect and probably never will be.

How you respond to humility is essential, too.

If humility makes you feel powerless, or worthless, you will display pride, fear, and shame. We recommend checking your ego if you are stuck in this trap.

But if it empowers you, if you love yourself despite your imperfections, understand them through reason.

When you do and accept them as part of who you are – you will find your frequency sitting atop of joy.

And This Brings Us Back To Joy and Then LoveEmotional Vibrational Frequency Chart

Ahh, joy, joy, joy. Ren and Stimpy knew what they were doing by allowing joy.

To feel joy is to be a human working correctly. The opposite of working correctly is to be broken.

Therefore, to not be able to feel joy is to be broken. Allowing yourself to know joy opens you up to love.

Using an emotional vibrational frequency chart can help you accomplish a state of joy and then love.

Let us have an overview of the steps to take for the EVFC to be of use to you:

  • Study the chart and see where you sit
  • Take the time to check on your reactions
  • Compare them to the EVFC
  • Notice where you are triggered
  • Practice better conscious reactions to those triggers
  • Allow joy to find you
  • Open up to love
  • Take the time to test yourself, frequently and see where you sit in any given situation
  • Pat yourself on the back and be proud of yourself
  • Love yourself and know you are doing your best to be the best version of you


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