Chinese birthmark meaning is different from other cultures due to their more specific beliefs around these markings.

These cultural beliefs extend to moles on the face and body, which are considered birthmarks.

The placement, coloring, shape, and other features all play a role in the meaning of birthmarks in Chinese culture, with even the hairiness of them factoring into the interpretation!

Chinese Birthmark Meanings

First, let’s go through the regular Chinese birthmark meanings covering placement.

Forehead – If the birthmark is on the left side of the forehead, then this signifies someone who spends money extravagantly, often beyond their means.

On the right side, it means strong self-control and deliberate action.

Nose – This tells of high creativity and a sharp, focused mind. These people are usually successful in all areas of their lives.

Chin – Belong to reliable providers with practical skills, but often struggles with expressing emotion. Short-tempered and blunt.

Neck – A birthmark on the neck is a bad omen for romantic relationships, signaling that you will have many struggles in this area of your life.

Collarbone – This signifies a mild-mannered person with a good heart and a passion for charity and giving.

Shoulder – If the birthmark is on the left shoulder, then it indicates problems surrounding money and finances, possibly due to bad decisions.

However, if it is on the right shoulder, then it means financial success and material wealth.

Arm – This one differs based on gender.

For men, it indicates someone who is very family-oriented, whereas, for women, it means they are focused on their career and have high ambitions for the future.

Chest – A birthmark on the chest indicates someone who thinks deeply and has high intelligence, but who tends selfish behavior.

Bellybutton – A universally good omen, said to bring you luck throughout your entire life. Everywhere you go, you will experience some good luck.

Back – Belong to honest and open-minded people whose first port of call is always understanding and honest communication.

Bottom – People with these birthmarks will be coddled while they are young and live without anxiety, but will struggle if they ever have to rely on themselves.

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Legs – Leg birthmarks show up on people who are decisive and dynamic, always looking to move forward and keep going.

Fingers – Belong to people who put a high value on their freedom and independence, often marrying later in life if at all.

Feet – Signifies a lust for the road and a strong urge to explore the world and all it has to offer — common amongst backpackers and lifelong travelers.

Heel – A birthmark here means you will experience bad luck everywhere you go. For you, every day is “if it can go wrong, it will go wrong.”

Chinese Birthmark Meaning: Facial Moles

In Chinese culture, the position of moles is tightly linked with a person’s luck and fortune.

Prominent moles are considered good omens and hidden moles are considered to be bad omens, speaking in general terms.

Moles also take on their birthmark meaning too.

Facial moles are generally noticeable and therefore good omens, but some are obstructed from view behind eyebrows, facial hair or wrinkles and these are seen as bad omens.

In terms of color, it is good luck to have a bright red or dark black mole, and having one of these is conducive to success in your life.

On the other hand, muddier or dirtier colors like brown, yellow, or gray moles are omens of poor fortune for the future.

The same is true for birthmarks.

It is preferred for the red moles to be noticeable and for the black moles to be hidden.

If a mole is hairy, it is universally good for the bearer as it speaks of wisdom throughout their life.

It is considered terrible luck to pluck a hair from a mole, even if it is unsightly.

A mole on the top of the head symbolizes good luck but warns that you will be the envy of others and should watch your back for people trying to take advantage of you.

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On the forehead, it signifies distance from your support system, especially from family and your hometown community.

However, if it is dead center in the middle of your forehead, then it indicates maturity, success, and inner peace in your senior years.

Specifically, for women, it also predicts wealth and success in careers at the expense of romantic relationships.

If the mole is on your cheek, then you are driven and personable, but you tend to look after your own needs and desires at the expense of others.

You will need to check your urges in this area and manage your relationships better.

An undesirable mole on the chin signifies instability, especially an unstable home and work life.

You will find yourself moving on from jobs and homes very often. A desirable one indicates the opposite.

If the mole is between the eyebrows, then you will have a magnificent career and be well respected in your field.

If it is an undesirable one, you will also suffer serious emotional problems within yourself or your relationship around the age of 28 years old.

On the tip of the nose, it indicates that you will have many income streams, but on the side of the nose, it suggests that you are frivolous and too laid back for your own good.

If your mole is above the mouth, then you will have abundance in material and spiritual wealth, as well as good fertility.

A bad type indicates a stubborn personality and an oppressed life.

On the upper lip, it indicates sentimentality and generosity but can suffer from overeating and poor health.

On the lower lip, it means a domestic-focused person who is very desirable as a partner.

Finally, if the mole is on the ear, then this is a sign of good fortune. You are blessed with talent and a sharp mind that will bring you success.

However, a bad type could mean that you over-analyze problems and experience decision paralysis.

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