The best Light Body Activation diet aims to keep your mind, body and soul healthy and pure. All these aspects are linked together, forming your overall health.

Food is an often-overlooked part of spiritual well being and rarely comes up when people talk about activating the Light Body.

However, food is the primary way that we get energy and depending on what we put in our bodies that can be positive or negative energy!

So, what does a healthy, energy-positive diet look like?

The Best Light Body Activation Diet Is Plant-based

The body craves fresh, live food. When it comes to freshness, nothing can beat eating your greens!

Vegan diets are widely considered to be far more healthy than carnivorous ones and there is a very simple reason for it.

The way that animals are farmed in the modern world means that when you eat meat you are also consuming all kinds of horrible chemicals, hormones and preservatives along with it.

Farmers use all this stuff to help fatten up the animals so that they have more meat to sell, but they take all the goodness out of the food in the process!

The good news is that you don’t need to eat meat to get all the nutrients you need.

In fact, fresh, organic fruits, cereals and vegetables form the cornerstone of a nutritious diet that is good for the body and soul.

Some vitamins like B12 are a bit more difficult to come by without animal products, just remember to check the label.

Most supplements are inexpensive and easy to find online.

Make sure you get enough B12 if you want to keep your body in top shape.

By ensuring your veggies are as fresh as can be you are absorbing the positive energy of living plant matter.

This is far more easily digested by the body, making it into cell production more quickly and then onto building the cells within your Light Body.

In turn, your Light Body helps to repair damage and stimulate growth in your physical body, creating a cycle of health that can only mean good things!

The Best Light Body Activation Diet Contains Super foods

Super foods are all the rage for improving physical health, but did you know that you can harness their nutritional power for your spiritual health too?

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Dark leafy green vegetables such as kale, chard and spinach are packed full of nutrients like vitamin C, folate, iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc and fiber.

These are all essential for healthy living and you can get all of them without the calories and added junk you might find in processed foods.

Unfortunately, these are all a little bitter, so if you don’t like the taste you might have better luck making a smoothie out of them.

To cover the bitter taste, you might like to bulk it out with avocado, another super food that is nutrient rich and a great source of healthy fats.

For something a little sweeter, berries are the way to go.

Blueberries and cranberries are rich in vitamins and minerals as well as the crucial anti-oxidants you need to repair the damage to cells in your body.

Blueberries are also what is known as a Brain Food.

It has a rich variety of high energy nutrients that help you to focus mentally, which is as great for meditation as it is in the rest of your life.

They also help to improve memory, as do many other types of berry.

Finally, cereals and whole grains are great for helping you flush out negative energy and keep your digestion running smoothly.

They help you to absorb more nutrients from your food, feeding into your overall health.

Beware processed cereals and grains which have a far lesser variety of minerals needed for a healthy gut.

Hydration Boosts the Best Light Body Activation Diet

Everything that is alive needs water. In fact, two thirds of your body is made up of water and if you don’t get enough of it your health will suffer.

A healthy diet contains about eight glasses of water per day, but a good rule of thumb if you don’t want to count is to drink a medium to large glass of water before you feel thirsty.

Feeling thirsty is the bodies way of telling you, that you are already dehydrated.

Don’t be tempted to crack open a can of soda or a bottle of wine instead!

While you might cure your thirst, you are not hydrating yourself properly.

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Hydration isn’t just about drinking water, however.

Keeping your skin hydrated externally is just as important.

This is why many people who are undergoing Light Body activation partake in bathing rituals.

Not only is it healing for our too tight muscles and dermis, it is also soothing for our minds.

The weightlessness we feel as we float is a wonderful precursor for us to find a place for our souls to momentary fly free.

As we float we loose the sensation of our physical body and if you meditate, you will quickly be able to access your light body.

Water also includes good hygiene, making sure your skin is clear of oils that block your pores and stop your skin from hydrating and growing properly.

The Best Light Body Activation Diet Includes Plenty of Sun With Grounding

One very important vitamin is vitamin D, and the only way to get enough of it is by spending time walking on grass in the Sun!

Depending on your skin tone you will need to get 10-30 minutes of Sun most days of the week.Start with 2 to 5 mins, work up to the duration you feel good with. Avoid midday sun etc.

If you are fairer skinned then you might need less, and if you have darker skin then you might need more.

Remember to put on sunscreen! Sunburn will undo all the good work you did in hydrating your skin and prevent you from getting enough Sun for at least a few days afterwards.

The Total Light Body Activation Diet

The key to achieving Light Body activation is a healthy mind, body and soul.

All these feed into each other, so your diet plays a massive role in assisting you through activation.

But even one missing nutrient or aspect of your lifestyle can throw your whole system off kilter, allowing build ups of negative energy.

It is therefore important that you don’t rely on just a partly healthy diet.

All the aspects we have discussed are important to your journey so you should treat them as parts of a whole.

So, what are you waiting for? Follow this diet for light body activation and unlock the true potential of your higher self.

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