The Merkaba Tetrahedron is a powerful piece of Sacred Geometry.

This powerhouse of energy holds metaphysical significance relating to personal power, mind-body-spirit trinity, and manifestation.

Understanding how this shape forms and how it relates to your higher self and Light Body can help you to unlock your very own light vehicle.

Access to your light vehicle opens up possibilities for astral travel, various metaphysical abilities, and, ultimately Ascension to a higher dimension of consciousness.

This Platonic Solid, first described by the Ancient Greek philosopher Plato, has nevertheless existed for many thousands of years in various cultures.

Everywhere it appears, it presents primal power.

It forms both halves of the Merkaba Star Tetrahedron, which is sometimes ascribed as the shape of the human soul.

What Is Merkaba?

Merkaba, sometimes written as MerKaBa, is the Light Body or Vehicle that you can use to inhabit your higher self on the Astral Plane.

In Hebrew, this word roughly translates to “chariot,” which is where we get the term Light Vehicle.

Light Body is probably a better term and is by far the more common.

It is actually a very broad term that can also refer to your chakra system and extended subtle body.

This is because all of these parts of you are part of the same system, roughly broken into a 3-part partnership of energy.

These three are – your physical self, your mental/emotional, and your higher or metaphysical self.

One interpretation of Merkaba has the three syllables as being representative of this trinity, but it is actually more accurately translated from the Ancient Egyptian texts that reference it.

In this translation, Mer means “rotating field of light,” Ka means “spirit,” and Ba means “soul.”

The significance of this lies in the function of the Merkaba. But first, we must discuss the Tetrahedron.

What Is A Tetrahedron?

A Tetrahedron is the first of the Platonic Solids, a group of 3-dimensional shapes that form the basis of Sacred Geometry.

It represents the element of fire and relates to the Solar Plexus chakra.

It is strongly linked with concepts of manifestation and personal power – and for a good reason.

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It is also the most balanced and grounded of these shapes, with its wide base and four-way symmetry.

It has four faces, four vertices (corners), and six edges. Because every face is an equilateral triangle, each one of them could be seen as the base of the Tetrahedron.

Significance Of Merkaba Tetrahedron

This last fact is particularly significant to the function of the Merkaba Tetrahedron.

The trinity of mind body and spirit are represented as each of the three corners on the base triangle.

They are each separate from each other, but inextricably linked through the top point where they converge and linked in pairs along the edges.

This represents the complex interplay of these three parts of our being.

While it is important to consider each of these parts in isolation, it should always be kept in mind that they are part of the same whole.

And therefore, one cannot be privileged over the others.

Therein lies the importance of attaining balance.

For the point of the Tetrahedron to be in the center, the three corners of the base (mind-body-spirit) must be equal in strength.

If one grows too strong, it causes the others to weaken and sends the whole shape askew.

Achieving this balance is a long term goal for anyone who takes care of their metaphysical self.

One way of doing this is through meditation on the Tetrahedron, which is described in our article on the Tetrahedron Sacred Geometry.

But for now, we have one more important property to describe and understand – what happens when you get a pair of these Sacred Platonic Solids.

Merkaba Star Tetrahedron

Recall that Mer is translated as a “rotating field of light.” This might have thrown you off, but all is about to come clear.

When we take two Tetrahedrons and place them in opposite directions so that they intersect, the resulting shape is called the Star Tetrahedron.

Rendered in 2D, it forms the Star of David. In its 3D form, it forms the shape of the Merkaba.

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These two opposing forces represent the masculine and feminine energies that exist within every one of us.

When we are born (and before we fully awaken), our Merkaba Tetrahedrons are both static. As the process of Awakening progresses, they start to spin in opposite directions.

The result of this is the magnetic expansion of metaphysical energy. We can commonly see this as a person’s aura.

The human aura is a very finely tuned process that relies on the perfection of geometry.


Balance, therefore, is absolutely vital.

Recall that an imbalance between your mind, body, and spirit skews the shape (and the position of the point).

Any frazzled part of you will prevent your Merkaba from attaining a stable spin, causing it to wobble and fall out of sync – halting the process altogether until the balance is attained once more.

The Star Tetrahedron has 6 points – 3 from each of its halves.

The joining of the two halves is how the aura appears spherical as it extends the symmetry into a full 360 degrees.

So we can see that without the unique properties of the Tetrahedron, the Merkaba would not be possible in its current powerful form.

This powerful sacred form called the Merkaba is a massive part of why it is to be of such importance as to be called “Sacred Geometry.”

Once activated, the Merkaba acts as a conduit for your consciousness that allows you to access the Astral Plane and other locations for higher consciousness.

With this power comes a sense of inner peace that comes from the complete balance of the competing energies within you.

Rather than the two energies working against each other in trade-offs, they begin to work together in a cumulative process of Ascension.

It is this state that the Ascended Masters find themselves – those who have truly attained enlightenment and serve now only to support and nurture humanity and philosophy.

With dedication, balance, and a great deal of patience, you too could join them in 5D.

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