Arcturian symbols come in all forms and cross cultures. As an ancient race and Starseed civilization, they have had ample time to integrate a lot of symbolism.

As a result, there are hundreds of symbols that resonate with the Arcturians and their mission to bring in a New Age on Earth.

This is where Love and Light reign true and humanity can ascend to higher dimensions of consciousness.

The Arcturians are particularly concerned with knowledge, wisdom, and teaching.

They value these things above all else because they believe that it is the best way to achieve enlightenment and ascension.

As a result, the symbols that resonate most with them are the ones relating to knowledge, wisdom, and teaching.

Being such an old race, they have been around to see many cultures come and go and have adopted much of the iconography into their own Arcturian symbols.

If you are an Arcturian Starseed and want to help yourself attune to Arcturus these symbols will enhance your efforts and assist you in connecting with the vibrational patterns of your soul’s home system.

Hang them up as posters, learn to draw them from memory or even get them tattooed on your body (if you’re sure!) – these are all ways of bringing their powerful symbolism into your life.

Sacred Triangle

The Sacred Triangle takes many forms, but it always relates to three interconnected forces.

It can be applied to many trialities, with the most popular one for Arcturians being the relationship between Humanity, the Ascended Masters and the Starseed races themselves.

This is an essential relationship to the Arcturians because they are part of the Lightworker mission to bring humanity into the galactic fold.

The interplay of these three forces is the basis for this mission, and as such, it holds great resonance within them.

There are other trialities, too. Mind – Body – Spirit is perhaps the most well-known one, representing the three forces within humanity.

Eyes Of Buddha

To give this symbol its full name – “The Feminine Wisdom Eyes Of Buddha.”

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As an Arcturian symbol, it represents the power of feminine energies and the wisdom that can be gained from nurturing them.

Feminine energy is intuitive, emotional, and connected – but it is also a calming force that allows for considered thought and patient teaching.

Don’t be confused by the word “feminine,” though. Feminine energies are not “female energies” – there exists inside each of us a mixture of both feminine and masculine energy, the ideal thought here is being able to bring those two opposite energies into balance.

For every individual, the balance is found in a different spot.

For Arcturians, feminine energy is more favored – though they tend to be more balanced than non-Starseeds as a matter of course.


The Sahasrara, or Crown chakra, is the seventh and final primary chakra of the subtle body.

It represents spiritual wisdom, knowledge, and enlightenment.

It provides one of the two connections to Source energy, the other being in the Root chakra.

This is the most essential energy center to this Starseed race and a powerful Arcturian symbol for the importance of reflection, channeling of wisdom, and collection of knowledge.

Their spiritual wellbeing often rests on the state of their Sahasrara, making this a central image for many of them.

It should also be mentioned that the other upper chakras are also of high importance as Arcturian symbols – namely the Third Eye which represents perception and the metaphysical senses, and the Throat chakra which governs speech, expression, and transfer of ideas.

These are great candidates for décor in your meditation space if you are so inclined, with many beautifully designed posters available online.

Getting an art pad and sketching these symbols before chakra healing can help you push out the negative energy in your aura.

It is the physical practice of this that grounds you.


The Nyansapo is a sacred symbol of great importance to the Akan people of Ghana and the Ivory Coast.

It is one of the Adrinka, a group of ceremonial symbols that each represent a specific concept important to this culture.

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This is also considered one of the Arcturian symbols because it represents the value of wisdom.

It symbolises the concept of wisdom as broad knowledge gained from experience and applied in a measured way to bring success.

It is easier for an older wise man to build a hut than for a strong young man who lacks wisdom.

The latter would build the hut with whatever is to hand, using whatever skills they already had and using strength and hard work to get the job done.

But the older wise man knows that he is too old to compete in strength and hard work, but he can work smarter.

He spends the time to get the right materials, hire the right workers, and design the right plan.

And while the young man is exhausted and has a hut that will just about do, the older wise man has applied only his mind and built a home of which to be proud.

Lotus Flower

The Lotus Flower is one of those symbols you should already know.

It is central to the symbolism of Buddhism because it blooms by rising from the depths of muddy water and floating to the surface.

This has long symbolized resurrection, the process of being reborn after death.

A single soul can be reborn thousands of times. In fact, Buddhism states that this is necessary in order to reach enlightenment.

With each rebirth, each bloom of the Lotus Flower, the soul is a little brighter, purer and closer to enlightenment.

It is the process of living many lives that brings the wisdom and enlightenment the Arcturians are hoping to bring about on Earth.

The rise of the Lotus Flower from the mud to the surface where it blooms is symbolic of the journey of awakening here on Earth.

We are born in the dark, murky waters of the unenlightened mind – but as we live, we rise through the water, slowly seeing more and more clearly until we finally reach the Light.

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