Are you trying to discover your true Starseed origins?

With so many different races and star systems involved, it can be challenging to work out where your soul comes from.

In fact, revealing what Starseed race you are is a little more complicated than you might think.

The answer is rarely completely straightforward, and for most people, it turns out that they have a few different star systems of origin.

That might not chime with what you have heard about Lightworkers, but that’s more to do with the language that is often used rather than the reality of the situation.

We will get on to that in a moment.

Discovering your true self and where you came from will help you to live a fuller, happier life and will also gift you with a greater sense of purpose, drive and oneness that will serve you well.

Let’s talk about the different types of origin, the nature of multiple lines, and the benefits of discovering your own spiritual past:

The Star Systems Of Starseed Origins

There are a few main groups of Starseed systems in our neighborhood of the universe, though there are rumored to be many more that have little to do with us at this time.

They can mostly be told apart by the attitude they take to life.

Each has an archetype – but remember, not everybody fits neatly into little boxes, and you might identify with more than one of these types.


Those who originate from the Andromeda galaxy are called Andromedans, and they have traveled the furthest of all the races mentioned.

Andromedans are fiercely independent and place the most value on individuality, self-control, and autonomy.

They are far less concerned than the other groups about oneness and unity, preferring the idea that healing humanity is achieved one soul at a time.


The Arcturans are from Arcturus, found in the Bootes constellation.

They are well known for their high intellect and ancient wisdom, typically being the types to listen far more than they speak.

They are often drawn to teaching and love academia, seeing a life spent learning as a life well spent.

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The Lyrans from Lyra are the most aligned with the physical world.

They excel in sports, medicine, and other fields that require a talent for the material.

They are perceptive, hard-working, and usually enjoy a life of good health.


The Orion Starseeds hail from the constellation of Orion, and they are the most competitive of all.

Their ideas stress competition and fulfillment of ambitions.

They are driven to greatness and try to help others see what they can achieve with the same motivation.

Motivational speakers and movement leaders with talent and instincts are the ideals of Orion.


Pleiadians are from the Pleiades, sometimes known as The Seven Sisters as named in Greek mythology.

They are very balanced and identify strongly with the heart chakra.

This means that they value connection above all else and see this as the path to ascension for Earth.

By connecting with people one-to-one, they hope to bring true balance to the planet.


The Sirians are from Sirius, within Canis Major.

They are often seen as the most “spiritual” or “mystical” of the Starseed races because of their strong connection to psychic power and the paranormal.

Likely to become mediums, healers, and follow other paranormal pursuits.

Old Souls With Many Starseed Origins

Do you resonate with any of the above?

Do you resonate with more than one of the above?

Chances are that you do not have just one Starseed origin because most do not.

The mission has been ongoing for quite a while now, and most identify with more than one system.

The older your soul, the more of these races you will identify with.

A star seed soul who has had at least a 1,000 life times is an original starseed.

Some you will recognize it as being a part of you, some of you will recognize in energy terms as something you have experienced.

When someone says, for example, that they are a Lightworker from Sirius, they mean that they identify and resonate with Sirius as their energetic home.

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It is the place where their energies are most relevant, most at ease.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that it was the first place that your spirit existed.

You may well have originally been an Andromedan Starseed who found that the Sirians had a better way of being (according to your unique soulprint).

And taking on the mantle of Sirian does not mean that you are no longer Andromedan.

You are both, perhaps one more than the other.

But nobody can tell you which one is more important. Only you can discover that.

Find Fulfilment In Knowledge Of Starseed Origins

People often overlook the journey for the destination.

They want to have gotten there already, not putting much stock in the value of the process of getting there in the first place.

Although there is definite value in discovering your Starseed Origins, there is arguably far more value in the side effects of this discovery.

You should meditate on each of the different Starseed types and try to understand them on an energetic level.

Feel them out, internalize the energy patterns, and get an intuitive understanding of each type.

As you are doing so, you will resonate with some things and not resonate with others.

If you do this in an organized way, then you can even map your path through the Universe as your soul traveled from star system to star system searching for a purpose and a home.

This can be very educational as you can see which areas of your life you are most connected with.

You can use that to find a more fulfilling path than the one that you are currently on – or, it could reinforce that what you are already doing is the right path for you.

As you awaken as a Lightworker on Earth, you will discover more and more about your soul’s past through a combination of revelation and intuitive epiphany.

With each step, you will learn more about yourself and move forward, ever closer to Love and Light.

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