Arcturian Starseed Activation is a process of spiritual awakening that unlocks soul memories within Starseeds from Arcturus.

It happens through the normal awakening process but usually takes a lot more time.

You will experience many awakenings throughout the course of your life, and it will likely take a few of these awakenings for full Activation to take place.

This activation takes time because the energies of beings from Arcturus are at a higher vibrational level, yet Starseeds must exist in 3D as human beings.

The transfer of memories from the old soul to the mind takes elevations in cosmic energy in order to decipher.

This is why it happens during awakenings when your vibrations are on the rise, and there is enough excess energy in your system for the purpose.

The sheer amount of it that you have to integrate means that you will unlock these memories bit by bit.

So it must be understood that Arcturian Starseed Activation is a process rather than a single event.

Who Are The Arcturian Starseeds?

Arcturian Starseeds hails originally from the star systems of Arcturus.

They arrived here in ethereal form and inhabited human lives in the same way that the other intergalactic races did.

Their purpose is to contribute in their unique way to the elevation of humanity and the ushering in of a New Age of Light and Love, allowing us to ascend to a higher dimension of consciousness as a species.

Their particular race boasts high intelligence and a balanced wisdom.

They value knowledge and teaching above all else and believe that this is the best way to bring the Earth into higher alignment.

They are also natural leaders and tend to be respected as such.

Within their social circles and professional communities, they are often looked up to and asked for guidance and advice, which they are more than happy to provide.

In terms of work, they gravitate towards jobs that require high intellect, careful planning, and considered decision making.

Many become architects, software developers, and project managers.

Achieve Arcturian Starseed Activation Through Arcturus Alignment

One way of speeding up the process of Activation is through consciously aligning your energies to that of your soul’s home planet Arcturus.

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This sounds more complicated than it is, and that fact has been used by some unscrupulous people to offer energy alignments to a particular star system for a fee.

Most of them are not worth a penny.

That’s because you have to align your energies by changing the way you live your life to resonate more closely with the Arcturian energies.

All you really need from an expert is guidance on the types of actions and practices you should be engaged in so that you are aligning with them.

Luckily for you, we can do that here.

First and foremost, you must support the values of knowledge and wisdom.

Whereas others may value emotion and intuition over everything else, you should seek knowledge and wisdom above all.

Are you in a bit of a rut in your life, unsure of your direction?

Aligning with these energies could take you back into education or help you to transition into a new career path, through which you could learn new skills.

Sharing Your Skills

For those who have mastered a skill, the key could be in sharing it.

There are always people looking to learn valuable skills and teaching them could be profitable for you – both in terms of money, but also in terms of alignment.

Arcturians also have a deep and fundamental connection with sacred geometry.

The distinctive geometric shapes such as the Merkaba, the golden ratio spiral, and other ancient symbols.

How you choose to connect with these powerful symbols is entirely up to you.

Many people choose to hang posters and place ornaments that represent them; some want to get or have tattoos.

Others prefer to practice drawing or painting the symbol, perhaps incorporating it into artwork.

Another way is to meditate on the shapes, and this can be the most effective way to connect with their power.

It is known that this is how the Arcturians first discovered the underlying principles that allowed them to travel here in the first place.

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This helped them form their perception of the Light Body, and this is one of the things they brought with them to Earth.

Unlocking this knowledge for yourself will allow you to enter your Light Body and travel on the Astral Plane.

Arcturian Starseed Activation Signs & Symptoms

The following signs and symptoms can indicate Arcturian Starseed Activation:

  • A deep feeling of having a mission here on Earth, related to the discovery and spreading of knowledge and wisdom.
  • You are feeling ungrounded due to the level of energy surging into your system.
  • Aches and pains that have no explanation, caused by cosmic energy finding new corners and crevices within your subtle body.
  • You are regularly waking up at 3 am when the veil between worlds is thinnest.
  • Vivid, vibrant dreams that feel a little too real, like they couldn’t possibly be dreams.
  • Heightened senses, caused by the incoming energy awakening your Third Eye.
  • Heightened intellect caused by the activation of the Solar Plexus, which is very important for Arcturian beings.
  • Sensitivity to light, temperature, and sound.
  • Muscle spasms.
  • Anxiety and depression, usually a secondary effect brought on by the upheaval caused by the other symptoms on this list, but also because of overactivation of the Root chakra.
  • Spiritual flu – flu-like symptoms brought on by upheaval in the upper chakras, including a stuffed nose, fever, and lethargy.

You may go through several bouts of experiencing these symptoms before you achieve full activation.

You shouldn’t let this dishearten you because it is absolutely normal.

With every period of awakening, you will activate more as long as you have meditated on and learned the lessons from the previous one.

It is worth saying again that this is a process that will take time, so treating it as a journey that is worth considering regardless of the destination will do you well.

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