Awakening your light body is a crucial step on the spiritual journey to enlightenment.

Through this process, you awaken, activate, and bring into balance each facet of your higher self, unlocking the door to higher dimensions of reality and consciousness.

It really is the most critical process in bringing you personal power over your higher self, putting you back in control of your physical, mental, and emotional state.

The relevant teachings were only available to the enlightened few for the longest time, but in this era of mass awakening, they have become available to everyone from every walk of life.

What Is The Light Body?

It is alternatively known as the Merkaba. In its plainest sense, it is your higher self, the part of you that is pure energy.

It consists of and forms your subtle body chakra system and the various layers of your aura.

You can think of it as the “Spirit” part of the Mind-Body-Spirit triad.

Everybody has one – but it is only once you have awakened your Merkaba that you can access the power that it holds within it.

By awakening your Merkaba, you gain access to higher consciousness and powers of inter-dimensional travel.

In the process, you will also achieve balance and enlightenment, increasing your metaphysical power and moving you closer to ascension.

During the process, your energy matrix – the infrastructure that forms your subtle body – will start to shift and restructure itself.

It is driven on by DNA activation, which unlocks your ancestral DNA through mutations to the genetic code that act on so-called “junk DNA.”

So now that you know what your light body is do you want to know how to awaken it?

Guide To Awakening Your Light Body

The key to this awakening is in the nature of cosmic energy.

There are many complex techniques, courses, and seminars that you can go through in order to achieve this goal.

In essence, they are essentially teaching you to do the same things.

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It’s all about energy. Your vibrational state is synonymous with the state of your light body, so all you really need to do is plug into Source and draw high vibrational energy into your chakra system.

Unfortunately, this is easier than it sounds.

If drawing in energy from Source until you are in a high vibrational state was as easy as it sounded, then everyone and their dog would be in an enlightened state.

While that would be brilliantly whimsical, it is clearly not the case.

The problem is that your Merkaba in its inactive state is blocked.

Energy doesn’t flow between your chakras, and the blockages stifle your aura and flow.

That’s why we use special techniques in order to awaken the light body – they provide a kind of framework that allows you to both heal the blockages in your flow and bring your vibrational frequency up as you do so.

Some techniques you can use include Reiki meditation, Merkaba Activation meditation, Shamanic healing, and soul retrieval.

The Eighteen Breaths technique is one of our favorites because it provides a modular way of doing things.

Each time you do it, you will get to a further breath, which really helps as it allows you to see your own progress more clearly.

This technique involves spinning up your Merkaba Star and in doing so, opening up your portals to Source energy, which you can use to bring energy into your ethereal self.

Signs Of Awakening Your Light Body

The following signs are some of the most common for people undergoing awakening of their Merkaba:

Chronic Pain.

You will experience chronic pain that is quite like “growing pains,” and this is closer to the truth than you might imagine.

At the cellular level, your physical body is adapting to the changes in the structure of the ethereal body due to DNA activation.

The physical pain that you experience is a lot like the pain you feel while going through a growth spurt.

Still, a little bit of pain now is worth the vitality and resistance to disease that Merkaba awakening will bring!

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Many people fall into a period of melancholy, sadness, or depression – though you might not even know what is making you feel this way.

It is all because the influx of high vibrations is pushing old wounds and past trauma up to the surface.

Thankfully it does that so you can deal with them and watch them melt away, so in the long run, this is a plus.


People often withdraw from their friends and family when going through a powerful metaphysical transformation.

You will find yourself wanting to be alone all the time. Even when you do decide (or are forced) to go out and see people, you still feel completely alone.

The sources of negative energy in your life are being forced out, and that includes the people that are keeping you down.

Changes In Sleep Pattern.

Sleep is an incredibly important part of your physical and metaphysical health, so when undergoing any significant change, you should expect some alterations and interruptions to your usual sleep schedule.

You may begin to suffer from insomnia, waking up in the middle of the night, and you may even experience vivid nightmares and emotionally draining dreams.

In fact, the vivid nature of these dreams can make them seem a little too real.

Become Sensitive To Light.

Light has suddenly become very important in your life.

Pair this with the heightened spiritual awareness and perceptive sensitivity that accompanies rising vibrations, and suddenly every light seems just a little too bright.

Find Your Inner Self.

Finally, you will finally identify with your inner self.

Many people have full-blown conversations with their inner self, and other people might think you are going a bit crazy.

But you aren’t. You have unlocked the knowledge and wisdom that has been hiding within you – who can criticize you for wanting to have a little chat about it?

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