You probably already know that the key to spiritual health is raising your vibrations, but did you know that different emotions have different vibrational frequencies?

When you embody a higher emotion, your vibrations will rise: if it is a lower emotion, and they will fall.

Which emotions you embody have a significant effect on your life.

We have split the emotions into four distinct categories (plus enlightenment), which can help you to understand the ordering of them.

20-75hz: Shame, Guilt, Apathy & Grief

The lowest emotions on the scale are the ones based around the lower chakras.

They are all paralysing emotions, driving you to inaction. This is what makes them a lower frequency than the next group.

Feeling bad about yourself, feeling sorry for yourself or feeling nothing places you at the lowest vibrational frequencies of emotions.

It can be difficult to climb out of this way of thinking on your own, so getting help to raise your vibrations is vital.

100-175hz: Fear, Desire, Anger & Pride

This set of emotions is around the ego. Unlike the first group, these are active emotions that drive you to action.

Unfortunately, they often drive you to bad actions and bad behaviour.

People acting out of fear, unbridled desire, anger, or to protect their pride usually don’t make rational decisions.

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However, they can act as motivation for higher purposes and progress, so they aren’t entirely negative emotions.

Pride sits at the top of the group, making it very close to 200hz – which is generally thought of as the midpoint as humanity vibrates at roughly this frequency.

200-350hz: Courage, Neutrality, Willingness & Acceptance

Moving above the 200hz mark, we have rational higher emotions. These emotions are all controlled, intentional and mostly neutral.

If you have a vibrational frequency above 200hz, then you are contributing to the overall raising of humanity’s vibrational frequency.

Notice also that we are moving up through the chakra system. These emotions are strongly connected to the solar plexus, heart and throat chakras.

400-600hz: Reason, Love, Joy & Peace

The next grouping is about as high as most people go in terms of the vibrational frequency of their emotions.

These emotions are the highest, sacred emotions that vibrate at the highest frequency.

Notice that peace outranks love. This is because love is so closely linked with other more base emotions, whereas peace is pure in its intent.

Very few people live at this frequency, but in our better moments we might find ourselves up here.

For instance, when falling in love, we spend a lot of time at this end of the scale – though we also delve for lower emotions like desire, too.

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700hz: Enlightenment

Enlightenment isn’t quite an emotion, but it is a state of mind – and has the highest vibrational frequency of all.

Very, very few people ever attain this level of vibrational frequency.

Those that do have an incredible effect on humanity, and in some ways are dragging the rest of us up this hierarchy whether we like it or not.

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