There are many more Light Beings on Earth right now than there has ever been before.

They arrived here from a number of distant star systems with the purpose of bringing Love and Light to the Earth and humanity.

It is known as their “soul mission,” and true fulfillment for them can only come in contributing to the raising of humanity’s vibrations.

These distant star systems are home to advanced beings who exist in pure ethereal form.

They are incredibly spiritually evolved and have mastered consciousness, living at a far higher frequency than anybody on Earth.

Able to travel vast distances through astral travel and driven by Universal Love, these beings travel here in order to help guide humanity through its awakening.

Unfortunately, the journey is not an easy one.

Light Beings are rarely born with the knowledge of their exact origin due to the necessities of living as a human being.

Light Beings: Discover Your Soul Mission

When a Light Being arrives here on Earth, they do so in a human body.

They are born into this world as a human being with no knowledge of their true past or true self.

The reason for this is that these beings usually exist at a much higher vibrational frequency than we do.

In order to be here on Earth, they have to manifest into a physical body, which requires them to lower their vibrations significantly.

With the fall in vibrational frequency comes a dissolving of the memories of the true self, including the overarching soul mission that drives them on a fundamental level.

While the knowledge and memories remain within the mind, they are not accessible at this lower frequency.

During periods of high vibration like an awakening or deep meditation, some of that knowledge can be unlocked.

Unfortunately, it tends to melt away again once the cosmic energy falls back to normal levels.

So in order to truly discover their Soul Mission – and therefore their purpose on Earth – a Light Being must maintain a high vibrational state at all times.

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There are some techniques that can help you to awaken your inner Light Being by raising your vibrations:

Meditation. Regular meditation practice is essential for your general wellbeing, but it is especially vital in unlocking inner wisdom.

It is also the primary way in which you can address problems in your chakra system that can limit the energy flow through your subtle body.

Embrace high vibrations. Every action thought, and emotion has an energy level, so living your life with an emphasis on the higher energy ones will elevate you to a higher frequency.

It not only benefits you but can also benefit the people around you.

Keep a dream journal. The one part of your consciousness that maintains a pure link to your past is your dream consciousness.

It is because the attachment to your physical body is at its weakest, untethering the Light Body for a few hours.

The Challenge For Light Beings On Earth

One of the main challenges for those of you that are here from distant star systems is in finding yourself.

Although the evidence for the existence of Starseeds and other Light Beings is overwhelming, it still sounds a bit far-fetched to most people.

When people first tell their friends and family about their true origins, they are often mocked for it.

This disbelief is borne from cynicism, which is one of the lowest vibration attitudes that you can have. Cynicism is the opposite of faith and can be seen as its negative mirror.

It’s also contagious. When those around you are displaying cynicism, it can put doubts into your psyche that can thwart you at the most inopportune moment.

These doubts can pop up when you are deep in meditation, connecting with higher consciousness, or even engaging in astral travel.

Doubts at these times can take you right out of whatever enhanced state you are in.

In order to fight cynicism, you have to have true faith in your Soul Mission and in the collective mission to raise the vibrations of humanity.

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Light Beings On Earth Must Be Certain Of Their Purpose

Whatever the method, you must be sure of your purpose as a bringer of Light and Love.

For some people finding that purpose will come through meditation and spiritual exploration.

Spending time discovering your inner self can be enough for those who are particularly in tune with their past lives and already exist at a high vibration.

For others, it will come through sharing the journey.

Having a community to bounce ideas off of and to help with the nurturing of your higher self is vital for some people, particularly those who are extroverted and people-focused.

And for others still, it will involve examining the evidence.

Reading accounts from people who have discovered their true nature is an excellent place to start, but it will be through intellectual examination and critical thought that these people will be able to gain certainty and faith.

But certainty and faith are never permanent fixtures in your psyche.

You must also guard against cynicism in your thinking, ensuring you are extra vigilant in keeping discipline in this area.

Humanity Is Rising

Light Beings on Earth are bringing humanity into the New Age.

More and more are arriving here with the purpose of raising vibrations and healing our species, and it is only set to increase over time.

We are more connected than ever, and this is very useful for those that are here for this purpose.

However, the spread of bad ideas has also increased exponentially, and so cynicism, bitterness, and apathy have become more significant problems.

If you are a Light Being here on this planet, then you must ensure you do not fall over these obstacles, but instead, fight them and help others to overcome them.

In this way, you can contribute to the elevation of our consciousness and fulfill your Soul Mission in this life.

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