Cosmic consciousness is a spiritual state that few people ever attain. Very few people are willing to put in the time and effort to achieve cosmic consciousness.

But there are many benefits to ascending to this mind state, including near-perfect self-knowledge.

To achieve cosmic consciousness, you have to walk a long road and climb many obstacles. The rewards for those with the persistence and dedication might be worth the work for you.

What Is Cosmic Consciousness?

Cosmic consciousness differentiates us from the other animals.

It is the energy we are imbued with that sparks that part of our consciousness that can comprehend itself.

Think about it – we are all made up of the same small set of atoms and molecules that make up all the other things in the universe.

That means that when we think about the Universe, we are the Universe thinking about itself.

Achieving cosmic consciousness is another way of saying tapping into this power to self-perceive to elevate to a higher level of consciousness.

Self-Awareness Brings Cosmic Enlightenment

This beautiful ability to contemplate ourselves and our place in the universe is the key to achieving full cosmic consciousness.

It’s a long journey of continuous self-appraisal and self-improvement – taking an honest look at yourself and fixing what’s broken.

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The thing is, although we are imbued with this ability by the cosmic energy field, it is not easy to unlock.

It is why so many people have difficulty pinpointing their problems, even if they can give other people good advice quite easily.

It requires a lot of meditation. Concentrate on the health of your crown chakra, and try to expand energy flow through it.

It is where we handle consciousness, so it should be unblocked and activated as much as possible.

During meditation, you should be thinking about the problems that are within your control and how you could go about solving them.

But allow yourself to explore the deeper causes of those problems – what behaviour or attitude is causing these problems?

This is higher thinking that can help you to achieve cosmic consciousness.

But not on its own.

Turning Self-Awareness Into Self-Improvement

Meditation on its own isn’t going to get you anywhere in terms of cosmic consciousness, although it does have a host of other benefits.

The key to achieving cosmic consciousness is self-editing.

Recognising your flaws and improving on them brings you closer to the consciousness levels required to say you have achieved cosmic consciousness.

We can see this pattern in DNA. The primary driver of evolution is the DNA molecules ability to copy and edit itself, producing adaptations.

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It’s likely that cosmic consciousness is heavily linked to DNA, seeing as nothing that has access to it doesn’t have DNA.

And like DNA, cosmic consciousness is already within you.

Achieving cosmic consciousness is a long journey of seeking it out within yourself, and healing your soul until nothing stands between you and higher thinking.

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