Cosmic energy is vital to our lives, practically governing our spiritual wellbeing.

When you have absorbed negative energy into your aura, you will need to do some cosmic energy healing.

There are a few ways of doing this, ranging from changing your behaviours to healing techniques.

So if you have built up negative energy and need some cosmic healing, here are some things you can try:

1. Meditation For Cosmic Energy Healing

The number one thing you can do to heal your cosmic energy and cleanse your aura is to meditate regularly.

Pick a time every day where you can do some healing meditation, and do it every day.

It doesn’t have to be for long, either!

Even five minutes of cosmic energy healing meditation can improve your spiritual health and help to keep your aura clear of negative energy.

It’s all about connecting with your conscious being, existing as consciousness for a little while rather than as a physical being.

Physical beings pick up negative energy, but as pure consciousness, healing comes naturally.

2. Apply Lessons To Heal Old Wounds

Meditation isn’t all about healing and maintaining energy, though.

The meditative state is very special as we exist as pure consciousness for a moment. During that moment, things are made clear to us as the fog of physical concerns fades.

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It is essential to take the lessons you learn about yourself during meditation and apply them to your life out in the real world.

Epiphanies are useless if not acted on.

When you discover a flaw or bad habit in yourself, it is the remnant of an old wound. The process of fixing that flaw or habit becomes the same process as healing that old wound.

This maximises your cosmic energy potential by expanding your capacity.

3. Use Healing Crystals For Negative Energy Buildup

Sometimes you can get a big dose of negative energy that leaves you feeling depressed, out of balance and pessimistic.

This might be due to exposure to negative energy at work, or it might be a negative atmosphere at home.

It could just as well be stress brought on by any number of things, burdening you with negative energy.

It’s at this point that you want to bring out the healing crystals.

You should find the right healing crystal for you, as different minerals are useful for different things.

4. Aromatherapy & Cleansing Baths

One great way of healing your cosmic energy and maintaining spiritual health is through aromatherapy and cleansing baths.

A cleansing bath is a particular type of ritual bath intended to help clear negative energy and restore balance to your aura.

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Good results have been seen using aromatherapy in the same way, especially for healing related to sleep problems through the use of lavender oils.

There are candles, incense sticks and scented oils to match all needs and tastes.

Find what fits for you – everybody has a different energy pattern so your cosmic energy healing might need different aromatherapy to someone else’s.

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