Cosmic energy is all around us. More than that – it is on us, inside us, in some ways it is us. Every being and every object has cosmic energy.

We need this cosmic energy to maintain balance in our lives.

One way that we get this cosmic energy is through meditation. You might well have experienced cosmic energy during meditation, but what exactly is this cosmic energy?

What Is Cosmic Energy?

Cosmic energy is the stuff of consciousness. Everything conscious has cosmic energy, but even objects have cosmic energy.

On the most fundamental level, cosmic energy is simply a pattern in the vibrations of the smallest subatomic particles.

Our subtle bodies can use this energy to help us achieve consciousness, as well as balance, peace, love and other positive energy traits.

Of course, cosmic energy can also be negative.

Negative Cosmic Energy

Now, cosmic energy is always positive. Negative energy doesn’t exist – its the lack of positive cosmic energy that we call negative energy.

Where there is not enough cosmic energy, any conscious being will tend to leech energy from wherever they can get it.

As a side effect of this, we can fall out of spiritual balance and succumb to negative emotions and behaviour.

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This negative energy builds up – or instead, our auras and chakras lack the cosmic energy needed to keep doing what they do, because it has been sapped away.

That’s what cosmic energy meditation is for.

Cosmic Energy & Meditation

When meditating to increase cosmic energy, you are “plugging in” to the Source.

The source is just how it sounds – the place where the cosmic energy originates.

It is the energy available to anyone willing to dedicate themselves to consciousness through meditation.

Unlike sapping energy from others, plugging into Source is going to bring more cosmic energy into our species.

As you perform cosmic energy meditation, you will feel the energy flow through your chakra system, moving up from root through to crown and down from crown to root.

The reason there are two entryways for cosmic energy into your subtle body is an interesting note.

Cosmic Energy, Mother Earth & Consciousness

There are two primary sources of cosmic energy: the Earth, and consciousness.

During meditation, you connect your root chakra to the Earth and draw energy from her.

At the same time, you are practising higher consciousness, and this opens your crown chakra to cosmic energy from the astral plane.

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So meditation is an excellent way of maintaining cosmic energy, but it isn’t the only way.

Every time you connect with nature, your consciousness or contemplate your place in the universe, you are connecting with Source and gaining cosmic energy.

But for the most reliable way of maintaining spiritual health, cosmic energy meditation is still your best plan.

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