Do you need to know the Lightworker physical appearance and traits?

Spotting a Lightworker amongst your friends (or even in the mirror!) can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for.

Lightworkers, sometimes called Starseeds, are people whose souls originate elsewhere in the universe.

They are here with the intention of helping humanity to elevate itself to a higher dimension of consciousness, ushering in a New Age for all of us.

This is their soul mission, and all Lightworkers share it.

In addition, their soul mission will guide them the way in which they can fulfill this goal using their individual, unique strengths.

There are many signs and symptoms of waking up to your Lightworker mission, but there are only a few that are physical traits.

This is because they manifest as all types of people, being a very diverse group of people.

Some people say that there is no Lightworker physical appearance, and in a way, they are right.

They do not all look the same or similar.

But underneath, they share characteristics and traits that have a concrete effect on their physical appearance as their thoughts and intentions manifest into their material form.

Seeing as they are some of the oldest souls in the universe, these manifestations can make them appear quite striking.

So what should you be looking out for?

Lightworker Eyes

The most striking thing about a Lightworker’s physical appearance is usually the eyes.

This is the number one giveaway in terms of Lightworker physical appearance.

Eyes are the window to the soul, and therefore you can tell a lot about a person from looking into their eyes.

This is one of the reasons that eye contact is so important when you meet a possible romantic partner.

Lightworkers have the eyes of an old soul.

This typically means that the iris is a lighter color, the whites of the eyes are free from burst vessels (which would otherwise cause them to be “bloodshot”), and the eyeballs are sunken into the sockets.

Looking into them, you can sense the ancient wisdom and power that lies just behind.

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They also tend to be slightly larger than in proportion, and this can give the Lightworker a look of innocence and youth.

Somebody with permanent “puppy dog” or “doe” eyes could well be a Starseed.

Kind Features

A Lightworker’s physical appearance often includes kind facial features, though they are more likely to be angular than soft.

A “pointy” nose, sharp jaw, and high cheekbones are normal, but unlike with other people, the overall effect is not so severe.

In fact, the overall effect is one of a caring, kind person.

Many nurses (especially in elderly care) are Lightworkers, and the “kind-faced nurse” archetype has a lot to do with their kind features.

Their skin tends to retain youth for longer too.

They rarely have many wrinkles, and the ones that they do have tend to form more pleasant attractive shapes.

Lightworker Glow

All Lightworkers have a sort of “glow” about them.

This is the same sort of semi-ethereal glow you might notice when somebody is pregnant or falling in love – and the cause is actually related.

This is a result of a strong aura. People who are pregnant, falling in love, or experiencing a spiritual awakening all have extra energy in their auras on a temporary basis.

Lightworkers have a permanently stronger aura than most, giving them this glow all the time.

This effect is increased by the heightened cosmic energy caused by a Lightworker awakening to their Soul Mission.

If you happen to see one when they are going through this process, they will be instantly recognizable.

Great Posture

Lightworkers are sometimes described as typically taller than the average person, but this is actually a misconception.

They can indeed appear taller than average people, but this isn’t because they actually are taller.

It is actually because they tend to have better posture, which makes them seem taller than they actually are.

There are several causes.

First, they tend to engage more regularly in meditation, yoga, and other spiritual exercises.

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While these are great things for your spiritual and mental wellbeing, they are also great for your physical health, too – and especially posture, for which yoga is prescribed by health services all over the world.

Second, they are more connected to their physical body and therefore have more control over their posture.

This connection is stronger because of the awakened Merkaba or “Light Body,” which requires a strong link between the mind, body, and spirit to awaken.

Finally, posture is a vital sign when trying to judge the frequency of someone’s vibrations.

High vibrations tend to create good posture as they pump you up, filling the muscles that hold your spine straight some much-needed energy.


There is a definite “otherworldly” appearance to those who identify as Lightworkers.

A combination of the physical characteristics already mentioned can cause someone to appear as though they aren’t quite human.

Of course, they are human. Some people say that the characteristics of the extraterrestrial races can seep through when their souls manifest on this planet, but this is very rare indeed.

In most cases, it is simply a combination of other features that create an “alien” effect.

But a lot of this also comes from personality.

We can sometimes forget that our thoughts and opinions of them color a lot of how someone appears to us as people.

For instance, many sociological studies have shown that people find others to be less physically attractive if they think that person is also unpleasant.

An ugly personality makes an ugly person and vice versa.

So when you are around a Lightworker, and they exhibit the typical non-physical traits, this can cause your intuition to present them to you as otherworldly in appearance.

One way of judging this is to look at a photo of them (that hasn’t had any photoshopping!) and see if they have the same “air” around them.

If they don’t, then you can be reasonably sure your perception is being affected by their aura when you are around them.