Have you recently been going through some things that feel uncomfortable or weird?

Lightworker awakening symptoms can be difficult to deal with at first, but they eventually get better.

Maybe you are only now just awakening to the fact that you are a lightworker.

Any awakening of any type is not easy or comfortable at the start but it does get better as you start to understand your true nature.

Just like cutting teeth, it hurts and there will be tears but the end result is worth it and the pain necessary to allow for you to grow and settle into your skin, as it were.

Lightworkers are people who instinctively know what needs to happen in the world and play a vital role in helping others find their own light.

They often experience physical, mental, and emotional challenges when trying to cope with this new realization.

This article will cover steps for handling your Lightworker Awakening Symptoms!

You Don’t Feel Comfortable In Your Own Skin

Let’s say for the sake of this article that you already know you are a lightworker and you feel like your whole world has flipped 180 on you.

What can you do?

It’s the worst feeling, you just want to yell and run away from yourself as fast and as far as you can. But we all know that’s impossible.

WTH is going on? How can you accept your new awakening and the fact that you can never go back to the comfortable ignorance you once had?

The key to this is what I just wrote, the first thing you need to do is accept who you are.

Accept Yourself

You can make the whole process a million times easier by simply accepting these changes in yourself.

Make peace with the fact that you are who you are and just own it!

This one can be difficult because you might not fully understand everything at first.

You will have the urge to try and fight who you are and that’s normal, but it is necessary for your own well-being!

Allow Yourself To Grow Into Your Lightworker Identity

Give yourself time to grow into this new identity of yours. It takes time to adjust and you should allow for that!

This also means taking time off from the outside world.

Lightworkers need a lot of alone/me time in order to grow and so it is not uncommon to retreat into yourself or your own space while this process happens.

There is nothing wrong with asking those around you for some space to be alone and regenerate your energy when it is low.

You don’t have to explain to them what you are doing, but if you care about them do make sure that they know that they are not the issue and that if they truly do need you that you are just a text or knock on the door away.

Renegotiate Your Personal Needs And Commitments As Needed

This is a big one and not everyone will want things to change for them, but for others, it will be necessary in order to handle these Lightworker Awakening Symptoms.

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You might need more time alone, you might want to renegotiate your work hours or goals and aspirations.

Take this time not only as a gift from yourself but also one that is given by the Universe because after all, when you are ready to take the next step in your life it will be given and you’ll recognize what needs to change.

You May Feel Lightheaded, Tired, And Out Of It Sometimes

This is part of the process but can also lead you to believe that something is wrong with yourself or others think that there’s something off about you too!

These symptoms should pass, but if they don’t and the Lightworker Awakening Symptoms do not subside within a few days then you should consult your doctor or health care professional.

Otherwise, pamper yourself with the things that make you happy and rest as much as you can.

The upside is sleeping gives you time to work on your dreams. Our dreams are full of symbols and help enormously in unlocking our spiritual selves.

You Might Suddenly Feel Like You Don’t Belong Anywhere Or With Anyone

This is very common as well because lightworkers often feel like they are from another planet once this realization starts to take hold of them.

They also will start to feel like no one can understand what they are going through or how it feels to be in their skin and this is very upsetting for some Lightworkers!

The truth is, Lightworker Awakening Symptoms make us stray from our connections with others because we want nothing more than a connection that feeds our Lightworker soul and we feel like no one can understand us.

The thing is, Lightworkers are so tuned into the energies around them that they forget to tune back into their own energy level!

You need to be able to recharge your batteries both emotionally and physically and you also need time for yourself before and after social interactions.

I learned that if I didn’t want to go out with a group of people then my soul knew better and I didn’t go. No good ever came of being forced by peer pressure to participate and through that, I learned the power of saying “no”.

Journal And Create To Find Peace

It might sound so obvious but you would be surprised how many lightworkers spend way too much time and energy dwelling over the thoughts running through their heads.

It is exhausting and unnecessary. So start writing those things down, get them out any way you need to. None of it has to make any sense, this is about the release so you can be calm.

It might be a feeling you can’t put into words but it comes to you as and images or even a color.

Whatever it is you can paint, draw, cut pictures out of magazines create digital art, whatever helps you get it out of your head and stop it wearing you out!

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Research For Peace Of Mind

Reading is a wonderful pastime. Reading books is what I did for a good 25 years before the internet came into my life.

Sometimes I would read non-stop for days, I consumed every spiritual text I could get my hands on.

It gave me peace by confirming how I felt and knowing that I was not alone and that my weirdness was valid.

It answered all the questions I needed to know. I was so hungry for knowledge of who I was and why I was the way I was.

I had an undying need to track my soul through history and when I found myself there I found my calling and came into my full power.

Readings Help

Getting a reading from a trusted psychic helps confirm what you already suspect.

The few times I went they would always say, why are you here? You are just like me, you don’t need me to tell you what you already know.

I guess I just needed to be with someone who was like me and did not think I was a cosmic freak.

That kind of validation really helps and can do wonders for your soul.

They can point you in the right direction because sometimes the road is hard to navigate alone.

Practice Your Power

Take the time to practice and experience your spiritual lightworker powers.

Don’t be shy just try it out.

We all make mistakes and fail but how would we ever understand ourselves unless we actually put into practice what we have learned.

If you are a healer type of lightworker then give a family member a neck massage, practice laying your hands on them, feel the energy you have in your palms, allow it to heal.

If you are a physic lightworker get a pack of tarot cards to help you see, whatever tool you choose, you must use your powers to be who you are.

Whatever type of lightworker you are you must eventually practice or you will always suffer and never be truly happy.

The key to finding happiness and moving out of uncomfortable symptoms is to be who you are, practice and experience will give you that.


If you are experiencing lightworker awakening symptoms, the following steps may be helpful.

Consider seeing a doctor to rule out any physical causes of your discomfort and then see what needs these new abilities call for in your life.

Learning how to handle your Lightworker awakening symptoms is a process.

It can be exhausting, emotional, and frustrating but the experience will also open you up to so much more than before.

There are many tools that can help you on this journey but most important of all is understanding why these changes are happening in your life right now.

This awareness may seem like an impossible task at first because it’s not something tangible or concrete, but it might just be what saves us from ourselves as we continue our way into the unknown together with faith and love for one another.