Many cultures and religions around the world believe bees represent a sense of community.

From bees in ancient Greek mythology to bees as symbols for democracy, bees have been associated with many things throughout history.

Bees are often seen as industrious creatures that live together in harmony and produce honey for all members of their colony.

This is why bees are often used in symbolic language to represent the importance of community and working together toward a common goal.

In our waking life, it is not unusual for our first reaction to seeing a bee to be fear. The bees in your dreams may represent a fear that you are not acknowledging while awake.

Let’s face it a bee can sting you and from my own experience it is one of the worst pains I have ever felt, and I have given birth, but nothing hurts like a bee sting.

Nun the less that is no reason to ever kill a bee, as they are essential for our human survival, if all the bees on earth die then we will have no food.

What does it Mean to See a Bee in Your Dream?

To see a bee sitting quietly at a distance is a sign that you need to slow your pace and enjoy the moment.

There are many variations to this dream so let’s take a look at the different ways they can play out.

To See Many Bees Represents Team Work

To see many bees in your dream symbolizes industriousness because bees will work as a team to produce honey which can then feed many people who need food.

If you see bees in your dream then try to be like bees and work together with others in order to achieve your goals.

Bees also symbolize a sense of unity because they live within their own society, which is structured by rank and roles.

You may want to assess what you are doing at the moment as there may need for some changes if things are not going well.

Feeling Threatened by a Bee

If a bee is coming towards you aggressively, it may represent an aggressive person in your life or someone who is angry with you.

Bees don’t just charge at anyone unless there is an imminent threat to their hive or their work.

This kind of bee dream could also symbolize aggression which might be present from within yourself.

Seeing a Swarm of Bees

To see bees swarming around a specific object, place or person signifies a strong desire to take control of the situation.

One bee is easy to avoid but a swarm of bees is a whole different story and it may be time to take charge.

To See Lots of Bees in the Air

A swarm of bees flying together in the air signifies that strong emotions are present but they will eventually calm down.

If you hear bees buzzing near your head then this could signify anxiety or stress which needs to be given attention because if left unchecked it could end up causing you problems.

To See a Dead or Dying Bee

Seeing bees in your dream that are not moving or dead is the sign of an impending loss and it may be referring to someone who has recently died, even if they have not been close to you for some time.

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It also symbolizes something which needs attention in your waking life.

Seeing a dead bee is very sad indeed, seeing a dead swarm even more so.

The more dead bees you see the bigger the issue.

Being Stung by a Bee in Your Dream

If bees are stinging you in your dream, it may be a sign that someone is trying to get underneath your skin and make you angry or frustrated with them.

Alternatively, it may be that you somehow deserve to be stung for something you did to someone.

It could also signify vulnerability since bees sting when they feel threatened.

Bees want to live in harmony with us and they do not want to sting you.

They are more scared than we are of being attacked by them, so if one is near try and be understanding with it.

Note that if they sting you it is not out of malice, don’t forget as soon as their sting is released they start to die.

The thing to take note of here is, what have you done to aggravate someone?

Seeing Bees Pollinating Flowers or Vines

Bees pollinate plants which means they ensure there is food for us to eat.

If bees are pollinating plants in your dream, you can enjoy the fruit of their labors.

And did you know that honey is the only known food to never spoil!

Honey is a miracle food and never goes off, it has been found in ancient ruins that were thousands of years old and the honey was still amazing and fresh.

To See Bees Making Honey

Seeing a honeycomb covered in bees means that you will receive the benefits of hard work, as bees at work represent industriousness.

If honey bees are buzzing around a tree that has flowers on it then this signifies enjoyment and happiness because bees love fresh flowers and the two need each other to survive.

A Bee Sitting on Your Hand

Bees make honey and honey is an incredible natural healing balm.

Try it next time your burn yourself in the kitchen, rub some good quality honey on the injury and watch how beatifically your skin heals leaving you without a scar.

So to see a bee sitting on your hand means you are in need of some kind of healing.

Seeing a Bee Floating on Water

First of all, if you see a bee floating on water when you are awake, please gently rescue it.

But if you are dreaming and you see this it means that you need to take time for yourself and appreciate the fact that bees help make your life possible.

Do not let anything distract you from what you really want in life, bees are a symbol of hard work which is needed if we want to survive.

Bees have many meanings depending on where they appear in a dream as well as their behavior.

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Seeing Two Bees Dancing in a Figure Eight Pattern

Bees have a unique way of communicating, bees dance in a figure of eight and this is how they inform each other about where the pollen is situated.

In this dance, they give exact directions and the measure of the distance needed to travel to reach the desired plant.

If bees are doing this while you watch them, it means something good will soon happen for you too!

It means that you need to pay attention to instructions and any information you are given to help you accomplish your goals.

Smoking Bees in a Hive

When people want to get close to a hive for maintenance they use a wood smoker to calm them down so they don’t attack.

If you see them being smoked in your dream, you need to calm down before tackling any issue.

If bees are surrounded by smoke in your dream and they are not attacking, it may be because there is a lack of interest or concern about the subject matter at hand.

Seeing Bees Fly up From Their Hive

A beautiful thing about honey bees is that when they know they are going to pass they release themselves from the hive.

They are not afraid of death and know that they will be reborn and have another opportunity to live out their life.

This dream is telling you not to fear death or change because you need to know the cycle is never-ending, it’s a constant rebirth for bees and for us!


Our dreams are the most intimate and personal things we have. They represent our deepest desires, fears, hopes, and anxieties.

The meaning behind your dream might not be as simple or straightforward as you think – it could take some digging to find out what your brain is trying to tell you about yourself!

For years now scientists have been using their knowledge of neuroscience and psychology to try and decode these messages from within ourselves.

Bees in particular may indicate that someone has an entrepreneurial spirit.

The key to dream interpenetration is to always think of a scene where you see bees.

The most common interpretation is that the dreamer will be busy and have many tasks to complete, but this may also symbolize creativity or fertility depending on other aspects within the narrative of the dream.

If you dream of being stung by a bee, it may be because your subconscious is trying to tell you that someone has been verbally attacking or hurting you.

You need to find out who this person is and ask them why they are doing these things so that the meaning behind your dreams can transform into something positive for yourself.

Bees are a symbol of hard work and unity. They represent the energy we need to accomplish our goals, whether they be personal or professional.

You can apply this meaning to your life by using bees as an inspiration for how you approach your tasks in order to reach success!