The notion of past lives is deeply rooted in the ancient scriptures of Greece, India and the Celtic Druids.

It has also perpetuated modern times. Many philosophers base their entire practices on the eerie and inexplicable phenomenon of reincarnation.

The proponents of reincarnation believe that the hints of a past life are littered in our memories, dreams and real-life experiences.

It is up to us to sift them and seek them out.

Not only can this soul and mind searching help us shed light on our past lives but also better understand ourselves.

If you’ve been wondering if you had a past life, look out for the following signs.Find your past life

Déjà Vu

Déjà Vu is a real-life event that we’ve never experienced before, and yet it feels uncannily familiar.

Sometimes, it manifests itself as a feeling triggered by a piece of art or prose.

Sometimes, an unvisited place might evoke a similar emotion.

There are many forms in which Déjà vu makes one wonder about the possibility of a past life.

Some psychologist and psychiatrists contend that there is an undiscovered neurological explanation for this phenomenon, while others are of the idea that these events are residues from a past life.

Foreign Memories

Have you ever stumbled across a memory that you’re utterly sure you’ve never made?

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Have you banged your head over its source? Trying to find the source of its origination?

There is a distant possibility that you remember something that happened in a different plane or a different life.

Human memory is a convoluted rigmarole.

It confounds you at every turn. So how can you be sure that these exotic memories are alien?

While studying these memories, be on the lookout for landmarks or addresses, tangible, concrete evidence that you can research.

Such clues can lead you to the truth.

Recurring Dreams

Memories of a past life also make us fraught us in our dreams and nightmares.

If a dream is non-recurring and only projects ordinary activities, it doesn’t necessarily intimate the possibility of a past life.

However, if it repeats itself every night and flashes by you, every time you try to get some shut-eye, it’s probably trying to show you images of a past life.

Similarly, nightmares are quite possibly reflections of the suffering and hurt you’ve gone through in a different life.

A Compulsion to Travel

People who have experienced past lives have this passionate drive to visit exotic and remote locations.

They love to travel and discover because they’re searching for an undiscovered place they know exists and is close to what they can call home.

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Even though they have never set foot in this place or have heard about it, they know that it exists somewhere.

That is why whenever they get a vacation or some spare money, they have this burning desire to splurge it on travel.

Affection for Other Cultures

Having an affinity for different cultures is also an indication of a past life.

Sometimes, the culture of our home city doesn’t sit well with us. An Irresistible urge in people to scour foreign literature or cinema deepens as their life progresses.

Such behaviours might be evidence of a life lived aeons ago.