So much of our daily life is deeply affected by cosmic energy. It surrounds us and courses within us, running through our chakra systems and feeding our minds and souls.

It is therefore imperative that we pay attention to our cosmic energy. The best way to take care of our cosmic energy is through meditation.

For those who have yet to try meditation and want to experience its benefits – or for those just looking to brush up on their knowledge – here is a step-by-step guide to cosmic energy meditation that you can perform at home.

Step 1: Clear Your Meditation Space

The space in which you meditate is essential.

During meditation, we open ourselves to the cosmic energy that surrounds us, so picking a space with positive cosmic energy will be very beneficial.

The space you choose should be quiet, where you are unlikely to be disturbed. It should also feel comfortable and safe – a place that feels the most like your “inner sanctum”.

Cleanse the space by burning sage if you can. Affirm out loud that the area should rid itself of negative energy.

Step 2: Sit Or Lie Down On The Ground

For the most effective cosmic energy meditation, you need to be fully grounded.

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Again, you should be comfortable, so do what works for you. The important thing is that your root chakra, which is at the base of the spine, should be as close to the Earth as possible.

This is where the cosmic energy will enter your chakra system.

Step 3: Enter A Meditative State

Fully clear your mind. Nivarna is easier said than done.

The goal is to clear your mind of all thoughts completely. Thoughts will occur, rapidly to begin. Don’t scold yourself for having them.

In fact, try to view them with indifference. Achieving this will be complicated with highly emotionally charged thoughts, but with practice, this will become easier.

These thoughts will start to dwindle, and once they occur only occasionally, you have achieved a suitable meditative state.

Step 4: Draw Energy From The Earth

Cosmic energy is everywhere, but it originates and is densely packed within Earth.

You can draw on this energy by moving your mind to your root chakra. Visualise the energy running up from the ground through your spine.

It will course up to your chakra system, moving through your abdomen and chest, up to your throat, eyes and, finally, the crown chakra on the top of your head.

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Will the energy through your system, feeling the bursts fill you with peace and bliss.

Step 5: Return, But Gently

Once your cosmic energy is replenished, your meditative state will begin to dissolve.

Don’t rush to come back to the world. It is often in these moments that you will have the most clarity and the thoughts that cross your mind are more likely to be enlightened.

Step 6: Cleanse & Move Forward

Finally, cleanse your space once more.

The cosmic energy that you replenished yourself with will have expelled some of the negative energy that you picked up during the day.

Cleansing the space prevents this negative energy from seeping back in.

All that is left is to resolve to do this more regularly and to put into practice any lessons that you may have learned on your first meditative journey.

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