Tapping into your higher self is a powerful way of gaining wisdom and guidance from deep within yourself.

For those who have experienced with spiritual practice, meditation, and ritual, this becomes second nature.

But those just beginning might not know how to access their spiritual self and the wisdom and guidance held within.

Tapping into your higher self is much easier than it sounds. All it takes is a conviction, intent, patience, and four crucial steps.

4 Steps To Tapping Into Your Higher Self

This short guide is for those who are just beginning on their journey and will offer little to anyone who has moderate experience.

However, even the most experienced should be doing this quite often, so you might want to stick around for a quick refresher.

Step 1: Find Your Sacred Space

The first thing you need to do is find your sacred space.

Find somewhere quiet where you will not be disturbed.

You are going to be sitting on the floor, so grab any cushions or pillows, throw blankets, and anything else that will increase your comfort.

If you like, you can set up some crystals and aromas – though perhaps leave that for your second go around.

Once you are prepared, sit in your sacred space.

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You should sit in silence, with your legs crossed and your hands palm up on your knees, with your forefinger and thumb on each of your hands touched lightly together.

Step 2: Clear Your Mind

Your day is still with you as your physical self is tethered to your mind.

You need to clear out the thoughts that rush through your mind, slowing them until they cease to cross your mind at all.

The way to do this is a little counter-intuitive.

Don’t scold yourself for having a thought. Don’t try to have any ideas.

Watch the feelings you have as they drift by, acknowledging them without judgment before swiftly moving on.

It takes practice and time, but once you have cleared your mind, the hardest part is over. It will be easier next time, too!

Step 3: Inhabit Your Higher Self

Feel how it is to exist with inner stillness for a moment.

Then, imagine that you live outside of time, a being of pure energy, love, and wisdom.

Imagine that you see everything, know everything, and love everything and everyone.

Let the light in as you open your mind to your higher self.

Step 4: Ask For Guidance

At this point, you can ask for guidance. Ask out loud or in your head; it doesn’t matter – as long as your intent is pure.

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Once you have completed this, you can relax.

Over the next few days, you should be receptive to any messages you receive through your intuition.

Pay special attention to feelings of inner peace, serene knowing and bliss, as these are common signs of receiving a profound internal message.

The first time you do this, it might take a while. Everyone is different with how long it takes to feel the bliss; upwards of twenty minutes is not uncommon.

Sometimes it can take an hour, or it evades you altogether.

But quickly you will learn to tap into your higher self more efficiently and with less fuss.

At this point, it might only take twenty seconds – perfect for when you need that little boost of higher energy to get through a stressful day.

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