If your twin flame is happily married to someone else, you might think that the universe is laughing at your expense.

How could the love of your life, the person you are destined to be with, be happily married to someone other than you?

The truth is, twin souls often have difficult obstacles to overcome, and one of them is marriage – though it is less common that they be happy.

But it does happen, and it poses a difficult question:

whether to let your mirror soul be happy with their spouse and give up your own future with them, or to chase them and your destiny while possibly ruining a happy marriage?

Neither option is good – luckily, there are other options.

Married Twin Flame – Platonic Relationship

Not all twin flames have a romantic relationship. In fact, due to things like age gaps and geography and social-cultural norms, it is necessary for many to take this route.

It isn’t ideal, but life is rarely perfect and it may be a part of your journey to learn how to handle this type of situation.

It is entirely possible for them to stay with their spouse and share a friendship with you that allows you the spiritual benefits of this partnership.

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However, there are pitfalls.

Due to the high passion and attraction between you, you run the risk of falling into an affair that you never intended to happen.

Affairs inevitably involve deception and harm to others, which is not suitable for anyone.

You will accumulate and spread negative energy, causing problem after problem until the whole situation concludes – one way or the other.

Married Twin Flame – Patience Trusts Destiny

Just because your twin flame is happily married right now does not mean they always will be.

Showing patience is an integral part of this journey as it is a shared journey – one that requires both partners to be ready to embark upon it.

You might feel ready for them, but they are not quite prepared for you.

Remember that yours is not the only journey that matters.

While you experience yours every day and know every detail of every part that you have taken so far, the depth of the individual journeys of others is rarely evident to us.

But their journey is as real and as important as yours. You can’t rush your twin just because you are traveling at a different pace.

If you are destined to be together in this lifetime, then you will be.

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But you might not be. The truth is, you shouldn’t hang all of your spiritual goals on the hope that your mirror soul will be ready when you are.

Continue on your path for now. Discover more about yourself and work on becoming your best self.

By the time you finish with that, your twin may be ready to move on with this part of their story.

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