Usually, the twin flame relationship is a romantic one. However, this is not locked into the ideal and purpose of twin flames.

There is nothing to say a twin flame relationship must be romantic.

In fact, for some of you, a platonic relationship with your twin flame may be the best, most natural and most fulfilling option.

Why Are Twin Flames Usually Romantic?

Many people believe that twin flames are supposed to be romantic.

They think that the whole point is to find a romantic life partner who fulfils all of your romantic, emotional and intimate physical needs and desires.

Those people are mistaken, though its an easy mistake to make.

The fact is, most twin flames do fulfil that role for each other. It is because the twin flame relationship holds such emotional intensity and chemical attraction that twin flames naturally progress that into a romantic relationship.

All of the most important traits your perfect partner should have in them, have been embodied within your twin flame. So there’s no good reason not to be romantic with your twin flame.

Reasons For A Platonic Twin Flame Relationship

Unless there are good reasons not to be romantic with your twin flame.

It’s a sad fact of life, but reality often gets in the way of perfection. Although you and your twin flame may have been perfect together in another life, in this one there are practical reasons you cannot be together.

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One major reason is the age difference. A big age gap between partners is less acceptable in some cultures than in others, so those twin flames may choose to remain platonic.

Another big reason is sexual orientation. The two of you may not match.

There might also be a geographical distance between you that prevents you from being together, or you might even be blood-related, which rules it out entirely.

Any of these, and any reason that you feel to be true, can be a reason for you to remain platonic in your twin flame relationship.

Platonic Twin Flames

There is a lot of guidance for twin flames who go the traditional route, but less wisdom for platonic twin flames to take on board.

Platonic twin flames have a lot of options to choose from in terms of their type of twin flame relationship.

For an age gap, a mentor-mentee relationship is perfect. For long distance, a semi-romantic telepathic twin flame relationship might be on the cards.

For those with differing sexual orientation, twin flame best friends relationships are probably the ideal.

Some people like to call this type of relationship “soul siblings”, though the term is a little inaccurate.

In truth, you can have whatever type of twin flame relationship works for you and your twin flame.

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For most, that is romantic – but if you want to be platonic with your twin flame, don’t let anybody tell you that your twin flame friendship is worthless.

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