One of the most exciting parts of our journey through this life is the twin flame experience. But if you aren’t careful, you could fall victim to twin flame deception.

Twin flame deception is a growing problem fuelled by increasing knowledge of twin flames.

With the tools outlined below, you can prevent yourself from falling victim to the negative energy beings that practice twin flame deception.

What Is Twin Flame Deception?

Twin flame deception is the act of mimicking a twin flame to exploit a person’s unconditional love for their actual twin flame.

This is usually a trick of negative energy beings, who are souls that leech or sap energy from others rather than seeking it from the Source.

They will seem to be a pure twin flame to their unsuspecting victim, but it is all an act. They have learned the signs of twin flames and decided to use them to design themselves as an imposter twin flame.

In this way, they can continue to leech energy from their partner, who in turn will try to stick by them because they believe they are with their twin flame.

Telltale Signs Of Twin Flame Deception

Negative energy beings can manipulate, deceive and otherwise cheat their way into people’s lives. They can even mimic a twin flame for their purposes.

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But they are not perfect at it.

Imposter twin flames talk the talk, but when it comes to it they cannot walk the walk. A true twin flame will not need to tell you they are your twin flame, their actions speak for themselves.

They tend to be unfaithful, too. Your real twin flame will never be unfaithful – they’re incapable of it!

But the number one sign that you are experiencing twin flame deception is if they are abusive or manipulative towards you.

After all, that is what negative energy beings do.

Twin Flames Don’t Hurt Each Other

The twin flame relationship is built on unconditional love, light and forgiveness. There is no love more unconditional than that between twin flames.

A problem arises when you get the idea in your head that you have to be with your twin flame, that you have to stick with them no matter what, or that it is your duty to fix this person.

None of that is true.

Your real twin flame would never hurt, manipulate or abuse you – and if they did, they would not be ready for the twin flame relationship.

Either way, if your “twin flame” is acting in such a way towards you, you need to get out immediately.

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You might be the victim of a negative energy being practicing twin flame deception for personal gain.

Or you might be on a part of the twin flame journey during which your true twin flame is as yet unready.

The tool you need to defend yourself is independence. You cannot need your twin flame, nor allow them to hurt you.

You cannot rely on them for self-worth or validation.

If you do, or if you allow yourself to be manipulated, then you are not ready for the twin flame relationship – and you need to throw off the shackles of twin flame deception and look within yourself for the strength to be alone.

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