Are you on a Twin Flame self-love journey? Many people are learning to love themselves to find balance and inner peace.

But did you know that falling for your Mirror Soul is actually a journey that results in you loving yourself?

This is one of the most powerful reasons for this special type of karmic relationship to occur for those searching for meaning.

Usually, when you are searching for meaning in your life, it is because you have not learned to love yourself.

Meeting with your Mirror Soul can be an excellent opportunity to realize your best self and learn to love the person in the bathroom mirror.

Twin Flame Mirror Soul

“Mirror Soul” is the alternative name for this unique karmic partner, which sheds some light on the nature of the relationship.

In a normal, mundane relationship, you are with someone who is entirely separate from you – at least as far as two people can be in a universe founded in oneness.

You are either falling for them, or you are discovering why you won’t.

Along the way, you might have some epiphanies that help you to progress in your personal development.

You can mature, learn patience, and master communication skills – which are all important in all relationships.

But in this special karmic relationship, you are not with someone who is separate from you.

They are inextricably linked to you because of your shared soul blueprint.

That concept is important. You both began as the “same” soul – though it was not one soul but two, created as copies of the underlying pattern.

Once you are born you are at the mercy of life on Earth.

The environment you grow up in has a massive effect on who you turn out to be as life presents you with challenges and opportunities for learning.

But underneath, you are the same. Your ideal selves are mirrors of each other.

Loving Your Twin Flame Is Self Love

As you learn about and grow with your Mirror Soul, you are actually learning about and growing into yourself.

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This relationship has a habit of making you see your own flaws more clearly.

This happens because they “mirror” your flaws back to you. self-respect the problems that you are facing in someone else makes it so much easier to deal with.

Two heads are better than one, especially when it comes to relationship issues.

Seeing your own flaws in someone else also helps you to shed any guilt over them.

We all tend to be far harsher on ourselves than we would be on others.

Recognizing that you are not judgemental of others for their problems should teach you not to be too judgemental of yourself.

For many people, love for a partner comes much easier than for themselves.

Your Twin Flame is a mirror of you, an identical soul that took a slightly different path.

When you love them, you are also loving a version of yourself.

In addition, you will grow with them over time in the direction of your best selves.

This is because you are both based on the same blueprint and therefore have identical ideal selves.

Of course, you will not actually reach your ideal self here on Earth. The effects of being in the 3D physical world are too strong.

But you can get close by being with your Mirror Soul.

Learning Twin Flame Self Love

Through meeting your Mirror Soul you will automatically learn self-love over time.

However, if you don’t want it to take a lifetime, then there are ways for you to speed up the process.

Number one will always be honest communication.

There really is nothing better for a relationship than the ability for both partners to express their truth without fear of judgment or backlash.

Communication is particularly powerful within the Twin Flame relationship because there are more avenues for it.

Not only do you have the normal means of communication but you also share a telepathic and energy link that allows you to communicate in more intuitive/non-verbal ways.

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Spend some time meditating with them. Meditate on who you are, and on who you want to be.

Notice the differences and imagine how you might change for the better.

Then discuss these things with each other. By expressing yourself in this way, you make your ambition for your own personal development more concrete.

You are telling someone else what you want, and they will give you “permission” to go after it.

Listen as they tell you what they want.

Pay attention to how it makes you feel to hear the person you love to communicate their dreams. You feel happy for them. You want to help them get there.

You certainly won’t tell them the sorts of things you might tell yourself in the bathroom mirror.

The “dream smaller” conversation is one you only have with yourself.

Treat Yourself As You Would Have Others Be Treated

The problem with people who find it difficult to love themselves is that it comes from a lack of self respect.

When you don’t respect someone you do not take their words seriously.

If they say you should do something you won’t necessarily believe them.

If they want something valuable you might think they don’t deserve it.

When you don’t respect yourself, you can’t love yourself.

But you do feel both for them. And they feel the same way about you. Herein lies the key!

If you are finding it difficult to learn to appreciate yourself, then ask them why they appreciate you.

If they are willing, have them write it down or record it. You can refer back to it whenever you’re having trouble.

By remembering that someone you care about and respect feels exactly the same about you, you are reminding yourself of your own self worth.

And as you fall for the mirror you, you will learn to love yourself by proxy.

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