In the deepest frustrations of your relationship, you might think or say, “I hate my Twin Flame.”

It’s a sentence that hurts the ears of all the sacred partnerships that came before you – not because they take offense at such a notion, but because they remember exactly how you feel.

The truth is, the Separation stage tends to breed resentment between you.

While we would not say it was normal to “hate” them, it does happen far more often than you might think.

Usually, it is the Chaser that “hates” the Runner for causing them pain, heartbreak, and anguish by denying the power of the relationship and fleeing from it.

It can happen the other way around too, with the Runner resenting the Chaser for turning their conception of the world upside down.

You might be wondering why we keep putting quotation marks around the word “hate.” Let’s explain that first.

I “Hate” My Twin Flame

You don’t hate them, not in the slightest. Hatred cannot exist between you.

Otherwise, it would be in direct contradiction of your unconditional love.

You don’t hate them; you resent them. Or dislike them. Or are frustrated with them. Perhaps even all of the above.

But hatred is its own thing and you cannot genuinely be feeling it for them, of all people.

Your resentment is entirely founded, by the way.

It’s absolutely understandable that you would resent the person who you know is your destiny yet who denies the fact and has abandoned you.

If you do not feel any resentment over that, then you are very spiritually evolved indeed.

It is as a result of what some people call “Soul Shock.”

It is a term coined for the feeling of heartbreak following separation from a karmic partner.

It is a feeling that is many times more potent than any heartbreak you have experienced before.

It matches the passion you felt for each other in the first instance. Think back to that and the overpowering sense of need and desire that moment brought to you.

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It’s like it was blown out of all proportions, and therein lies the problem.

Because of the high stakes, the high energy interplay and the destiny you share, there is a specific elevation applied to every emotion you experience.

What you are feeling is resentment powered up to a hundred percent – which can feel a lot like hatred.

Nevertheless, your resentments uncover your issues that you have yet to sort out.

This is a part of the “plan,” as it were.

In order for this stage to end, you need to sort out your own issues that still bother you from your past.

Forget your Twin Flame for the moment and concentrate on your feelings.

Aim to take control of your emotions and, rather than aiming resentment towards them, find a way to use your passion for good.

You will find that once you have seized control of your own emotional state, they will be all the more able to do so.

I Hate My “Twin Flame”

There is another option, though it is so often misapplied that we hesitate to mention it. They may be a different type of karmic partner.

We should first stress that if this is occurring during the Separation stage, then you should have stopped reading a few lines ago.

But if you are outside of this stage and you still feel this way, then there is a good chance you have become enamored with an imposter.

Your Twin Flame is just one of many karmic partners that are available to you.

They are the most important one for sure, but they are not the only karmic partner that will have a massive effect on your life.

Your soulmates will come and go throughout your life, arriving out of the blue and sticking around only as long as it takes to deliver the lessons agreed upon before you incarnated on Earth.

One of those soulmates is of particular interest to us in this situation.

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That is the False Twin Flame, the final karmic partner and an imposter.

They will appear to be the real deal at first, stirring up within you excitement and passion that you have never experienced before.

All the synchronicities are there, you have great chemistry, and there is undoubtedly an attraction.

At a glance, it will seem as though you have struck gold.

It turns out to be fool’s gold, though. After a while, you will start to discover inconsistencies.

Rather than being forward-looking, they will obsess over the past – especially past relationships.

This is a telltale sign of an imposter, but you probably won’t see it straight away.

Instead, you will remain together for a while, convinced it is the real thing.

It can only come to an end once you realize their true identity.

The hatred you are feeling for them right now could well be a sign that you are not with your real mirror soul but instead, have fallen for your False Twin Flame.

You should check the signs of this karmic imposter to see if that is the case.

You might be wondering why on Earth this should happen to you. Is the universe being cruel in delivering an imposter?

No. The lessons you learn during this relationship are as valuable as any other, and there is particularly valuable one.

Without experiencing the energy of a False one, you will not be able to appreciate the energy of the true one fully.

It is yet another exercise in learning about yourself and evolving to become a more enlightened person.

So if you are sure that you are not with your true twin, you should end the relationship.

In most cases, people who do this find their hatred fade away almost immediately.

You will find the hate replaced with a calm inner peace that assures you of the prudence of your decision.

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