Are you looking for the True Twin Flame signs that will help you know if you have met your Mirror Soul?

In many ways, you will feel it in your soul, but it can be very useful to have a list of Twin Flame characteristics to help you to be sure.

Unfortunately, any list of such signs has a bit of a catch – a False Twin can fit the bill according to the list even though they are not the real thing!

This has been a problem for a long time and it is difficult to get around.

However, if you are looking for your destined partner, you will need to be prepared.

We have helped you out with a list of the things you should look out for:

1. You Met Through Synchronicity

In the lead up to meeting them for the very first time, you experienced a series of… coincidences.

At the time they just seemed a bit strange. You probably just shook them off after a momentary double-take, telling yourself that it was just a coincidence and didn’t mean anything.

You were wrong, but you weren’t to know that.

If you both ended up in a place that neither of you really intended to be, brought there by the universe, then there is a good chance that you are destined for each other.

2. You Feel Like You Have Known Each Other Forever

Your relationship doesn’t begin in this life. It began a long, long time ago during the creation of your souls.

Since then you have been reincarnated over and over onto Earth, sometimes reuniting with each other to learn some lesson but quickly going separate ways.

To you, your Twin Flame will feel like an old friend that you haven’t seen in a lifetime or more.

On a rational level you know that you are only just meeting them, but don’t be so quick to throw out your intuition.

3. Your Relationship Is Forward-Looking

This can help you separate your False and True Twin Flames, as the former will usually force you to look backwards whereas the latter is all about the future.

If they keep bringing up mistakes or events from the past – especially ex-boyfriends or cold arguments – then they are probably an “imposter”.

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They might not know that and may fully believe that what you have is real, but in reality, they are not your True Mirror Soul.

4. You Know This Is Forever

Often in relationships, both partners know that their time together is going to be limited.

Most relationships don’t last the distance and that is fine. When you are united with your True Twin you are certain that you will be together forever.

It isn’t just wishful thinking. You simply cannot imagine a future without them in it – and that’s because all of your possible futures involve them.

Perhaps there will be bumps in the road, periods of separation as there are in many karmic relationships, but in the end, you will always come back to each other in acceptance and forgiveness.

5. Metaphysical Concerns Outweigh The Physical

Whether you are a particularly spiritual person or not, there is a higher aspect of this relationship that you have not experienced before.

There is a metaphysical aspect to your journey together that drives you to want to be in better touch with your higher self.

If you are driven by your partner to engage more in meditation, contemplation, and manifestation then there is a good chance they are your Twin Flame.

This always happens as your special connection tends to absorb energy from the universe into your relationship, raising the vibrations of both individuals and the partnership.

6. You Fit Together Like Puzzle Pieces

Some people are more compatible than others and the journey to find love often means finding somebody with whom you are highly compatible.

In the Twin Flame relationship you are perfectly compatible, 100% in tune with each other’s being and destined to be together.

This manifests most notably in the balance of your strengths and weaknesses.

They perfectly balance each other, with both of you covering the weak areas of the other with your own unique strengths.

If one of you is disorganized then the other will be a natural organizer. If one of you is emotionally evolved then the other will need some help maturing in this area.

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7. You Don’t Have To “Pretend” Around Them

This is another of the True Twin Flame signs that can help you discover a False Twin.

With the former, you do not have to pretend to be someone you aren’t because they accept you entirely for who you are right now, even if they want to help you progress and improve.

The latter, your imposter karmic partner, will often attempt to control your behaviour in a way that cuts out your personal power.

You find yourself walking on eggshells around them, suppressing parts of yourself that you know will set them off just so you can have a peaceful life.

This is unacceptable and will never be the behavior of your genuine Mirror Soul.

8. You Are Highly Empathic With Each Other

Your energy connection grants you many powers.

There is the opportunity for you to develop psychic powers like telepathy and other strange phenomena, but the most powerful is probably the empathic connection.

You are so emotionally attuned to each other that when one of you has a mood it carries on to the other – even when you aren’t around each other!

There is a connection there that transfers those emotions without you really understanding why.

9. You Have Been Waiting For Them Your Whole Life

Finally, the most powerful of the True Twin Flame signs is that you have been waiting for exactly this person for as long as you can remember.

They are exactly how you imagined them – well, perhaps you pictured them as a little taller or more athletic or something else like that, but those are just physical traits.

What matters is that they make you feel how you always imagined they would make you feel.

That judgment is automatic, made within your intuition.

And if there is one piece of advice that will never steer you wrong it is this:

Follow your intuition. It will guide you true. And if in doubt, follow your soul.

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