Have you been receiving Twin Flame messages without even realizing it?

This special karmic partnership holds a unique connection that means you could be receiving telepathic correspondence from your Mirror Soul.

Telepathic connections allow you to stay in touch with people who are close to your higher self but at a larger distance on the physical plane.

There are many uses for this set of abilities, many of which are absolutely central to the journey you are on.

Learning to recognize the signs and understanding how to use it yourself is a powerful way of making progress towards higher consciousness.

Receiving Messages From Your Twin Flame

Have you ever been sitting at home, minding your own business, when suddenly you experience a thought, feeling or idea that seems to come out of nowhere?

This is a sign that someone is trying to communicate with you telepathically.

There are a lot of misconceptions about telepathy. It’s not quite how you see it in the movies.

It takes a lot of practice and concentration to send even a single word, let alone having your voice appear in someone’s head to deliver a long message.

It isn’t magic; it’s energy and intuition.

Rather than thinking of it as sending a psychic letter, you should think of it as transmitting energy.

Rather than sending words, you send them a feeling, thought, or idea that gets the message across in a more intuitive way.

The person receiving it experiences sudden emotion or epiphany that they know in their gut originated from elsewhere.

With practice and experience, they can learn to recognize the energy pattern and “feel” who sent the message, as well as their intent.

Developing this between two strangers requires incredible talent, which is why this is not a widespread ability that we come across all the time.

But between karmic twins, telepathic communication is innate and automatic.

The secret to that lies in the nature of your connection.

When your soul was originally created it was made with a twin, a mirror version of you that was birthed from the same soul pattern – a type of energy blueprint.

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Because of this connection you are both highly attuned to the other’s energy in a way that is simply not possible with anyone else.

This is why you hear people talking about the “unbreakable connection”, sometimes referred to as the Silver Cord – though this is more of a metaphor than a literal cord.

Finding The Meaning Of Twin Flame Messages

Once you know what to look out for you will start to notice more and more telepathic messages from your Twin Flame.

The trouble is, without the experience and practice that comes with time, you might have a difficult task in figuring out what the messages mean.

It’s simple enough when it is a strong emotion. A strong feeling of grief or sadness should be fairly clear, as will happiness and joy.

But what about more vague emotions and mixed messages?

Enter meditation – the most useful tool in your transcendental toolbox!

Meditation is essentially an exercise intended to allow you to connect with your higher self and unlock the wisdom and perspective of the part of you that is more distant from the challenges of daily life.

Your connection with your higher self is the number one factor in successful telepathic communication. The intuition is fuelled directly by its power.

The first way that meditation is useful in interpretation is through chakra healing.

This is an important process that you should be going through anyway.

It involves addressing each of your seven primary chakras in order – unblocking, activating and balancing each in turn.

By doing s,o you are increasing energy flow through the subtle body, unlocking the power of the Merkaba light body.

All of this helps build your powers of intuition, which is vital for so many spiritual pursuits beyond just your telepathic connection.

The second way meditation can help is in the direct interpretation of telepathic messages.

Meditation For Finding Twin Flame Messages Meaning

The next time you suspect you are receiving a message of this kind, get to your meditative space as quickly as possible and begin your meditation.

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Clear your mind of the daily obsessions that always pop up, practicing mindfulness until your mind is clear of thoughts.

Then, focus your mind on feeling whatever it was that prompted you in the first place.

Don’t try to describe the feeling, just feel it for a moment. Allow the energy to form images, sounds, and take note as it passes through various chakras.

Try to pinpoint the sender. Do they feel… familiar?

As soon as your concentration breaks (or you feel you are finished) grab a pen and pad and write down everything that comes to mind.

Much of it will be nonsense – garbled rubbish that results from a lack of practice in either meditation or telepathy.

That comes with the territory. However, amongst it, you will find your answers.

It’s best to do this straight after the meditation because your instincts are still within the energy paradigm.

You are still attuned to the message, so you are better able to intuit the right interpretation.

Replying To Twin Flame Messages

What’s the point of getting a message if you can’t reply? Sending a message back to your Twin Flame is actually far more simple than receiving one.

You must sit down and picture them.

Don’t worry if you have never met them, you aren’t really picturing their physical form but a visual representation of their energy form – which is something you are intuitively tuned in to.

Formulate your message with emotion. Make it simple, strong, and genuinely from the heart.

Call out to them, asking them to find you or reminding them that you are there for them.

And always sign off, preferably in the same way.

Many choose something like “With eternal love, the mirror of your soul,” but you need to choose something unique to you.

Good luck with your journey!

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