The link between the concepts of the Twin Flame and Yin Yang has a lot of depth.

In fact, the former is a manifestation of the latter in a way that is rarely seen or experienced.

While these two concepts are separate and respectively whole, there is a lot that you can learn about each from the other.

What Is Yin Yang?

This important concept came from ancient Chinese philosophy and originated in the 4th century BC (roughly 2400 years ago) in the Yin Yang Jia, a school run by the ancient philosopher Zou Yan.

Although no records that mention the concept remain from that school, it is known that it was the primary subject for those studying there.

In essence, the concept is one of complementary duality.

The idea is that seemingly opposing forces can and do form complementary relationships. One force rises and falls, bringing the other force to rise and fall in turn.

It stressed the interconnectedness or oneness of the forces of nature, recognizing that opposing forces are not necessarily as different as they initially appear.

For instance, Light and Dark are in apparent opposition to each other. However, can you have light without darkness?

Or darkness without light? The darkness of your shadow is directly caused by the brightness of the light on the other side.

Yin Yang has particular relevance within humanity. Yin is associated with feminine energies, while Yang is decidedly more masculine.

We know in this day and age that nobody has entirely masculine or feminine energies – everybody must strike a balance and find that balance point on their own.

This important concept of Chinese philosophy forms the basis for much of Chinese science, medicine, and culture to this day.

How Does Yin Yang Relate To Twin Flames?

There is a clear link between these two important concepts.

Twin Flames are formed from the same soul pattern. They each have their own separate, individual soul, but both are based upon an initial blueprint that is identical.

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They do not stay that way for long.

Life makes different demands of different people, so as soon as you are born on Earth, the substance of who you are begins to change.

You are elevated or muddied by every experience, each interaction leaving an indelible mark on your soul and character.

But this process is ruled by duality. Your Twin Flame is your mirror. As you begin to embody Yang, they begin to incorporate Yin. It is not a coincidence, but a law of nature.

It is commonly noted among those who have united with their Mirror Soul that there is a certain balance between the masculine and feminine energies within the relationship.

One partner embodies more masculine energies while the other is more feminine, with a fine balance being struck between the two to find harmony.

The reason for this can be explained using the related idea of “qi,” pronounced “chee.”

Twin Flame Yin Yang Balanced Whole

According to Chinese cosmology, the universe began as chaotic energy.

This energy (qi) quickly formed into ordered cycles of opposing forces, in turn forming everything that exists within the universe.

Qi is not being added or taken away; it is simply being moved around.

We know from modern science – specifically the law of conservation of energy – that this is true.

Therefore, the two opposing forces are actually two forms of a single whole. You cannot have the universe with only one side present, as each depends on the other to exist.

In fact, the two forces are interchangeable, able to be cycled from one side to the other.

We can see this in the day-night cycle, in the changing of the seasons, and life and death. We can see it in almost every aspect of our lives if we look hard enough.

Of course, we would not need to look very hard to see it in the Twin Flame relationship.

The key goal of this relationship is to achieve Union, which will allow Ascension to 4D and 5D consciousness.

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The path through is littered with challenges, obstacles, and opportunities for growth; all centered around this idea of balance within the whole.


It is very common for Twin Flames to trend towards each other in terms of energy.

At the start of the relationship, you may have more opposing energies, but this is rarely a problem unless they are out of balance with each other.

Over time, however, you will find a closer relationship with more balanced energy within yourself, while also staying in balance with your partner.

Problems arise when things trend in the opposite direction. One partner goes hyper-masculine, and the other is forced to be hyper-feminine as a result.

This is the leading reason behind permanent separation in this karmic relationship.

Every relationship has its own ideal balance – but it is always a balance. It is a law of nature.

Twin Flame Yin Yang Interconnected Energy

Interconnectedness is central to both concepts. Opposing energies morph into each other, being indistinguishable on a cosmic scale.

This is embodied in the Twin Flame connection. Even over incredible distances, you can have a tangible, noticeable effect on each other just by the way you feel or the energy you put out.

As your vibrations rise, so do theirs. Your aura feeds theirs, which feeds yours in return.

Take a look at the taichi symbol. Within each half is a core of the opposing half, reminding you that these forces are different manifestations of the same energy.

Which is precisely what Twin Flames are – Mirror Souls.

If you really want to get to grips with the underlying forces at play in your relationship, you should get closely acquainted with the taichi symbol and the concept of Yin Yang.

In many ways, the whole idea of Mirror Souls can find its roots in the ancient philosophy of China, and the enduring concept championed thousands of years ago by the great Zou Yan.

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