Here is a simple question: Have you met your twin flame?

If you are unsure of your answer to this question, then you might be experiencing twin flame confusion.

Don’t worry, this is a perfectly natural stage of your twin flame journey – and one we are going to help you through.

What Is Twin Flame Confusion?

Twin flame confusion is the name given to the common phenomenon of twin flames becoming uncertain about whether they are with their twin flame.

It is a distressing, uncertain time for someone going through twin flame confusion.

We all crave certainty in our lives, and being confused about the most important person in your life is a painful situation to be in.

Source Of Twin Flame Confusion

The source of the confusion experienced by twin flames is a mixture of a lack of knowledge about twin flames and the extreme upheaval of starting your twin flame journey.

The upheaval causes a lot of changes in your mental, emotional and spiritual state. When things are constantly changing, you are naturally less certain about things.

In the moment of meeting, you felt the twin flame connection with certainty.

You felt it in your heart and your soul, and it was undeniable.

Shortly after, doubt sets in. For most it is fleeting. For some it needs fixing.

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Signs Of Twin Flames

Addressing the lack of knowledge about twin flames is easy. You just have to look for the signs!

If you already know the signs, give them a quick glance anyway.

Part of twin flame confusion is being unsure of how you feel about your twin flame, so getting some affirmation of those feelings can help bring you back to your senses.

The common signs you have met your twin flame are:

A burst of cosmic energy when you first saw them.
Instant, mutual chemistry.
Immediately attracted to each other.
Similar childhoods.
Similar values.
Lots of eye contact.
Constant synchronicity.

There are more signs than that, but all in all they add up to a general feeling that this person is the one you have been looking for – especially if they aren’t your “normal type”.

False Twin Flames

Of course, there could be a very good reason for your confusion about your twin flame – they might not be your twin flame at all.

Your false twin flame is the last soulmate you meet before you meet your true twin flame.

They will seem on the surface level to be exactly what your twin flame should be.

But it becomes clear after a while that they are not your true twin flame.

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In fact, it is in discovering that your partner is your false twin that you finally embark on your twin flame journey.

Shortly after getting out of your false twin flame relationship, you will meet your true twin flame.

So while you should try to cure yourself of your twin flame confusion, make sure to consider the possibility that your true twin flame may not be standing beside you just yet.

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