Most people confuse twin flames with soulmates.

While you can have many soulmates in your life, in the form of siblings, lovers, and even grandparents, you can only have a single twin flame.

Twin flames are your soul’s other halves.

They mirror your traumas and fears and other conflicts raging within your mind.

Their purpose is to make you confront your deepest and darkest fears in a bid to understand and overcome them.

Your relationship with them is bound to turn into a complicated mess.

However, sometimes we meet someone who fits the profile of a twin flame but is far from it.

Such a person only serves as a stepping-stone to the real thing.

If you’re wondering what the purpose of a false twin flame is, put your reading glasses on and follow our lead.

What is the Purpose of a False Twin Flame?

Clearing up Karma

One of the primary purposes of a false twin flame is cleansing up karma.

You might have experienced a harrowing childhood or have regrets about individual decisions.

You might have side-stepped from these issues all your life, but your false twin flame will make you face them.

He will torture you, reminding you every day of their brooding natures.

That is why our relationships with our false twins are abusive and toxic.

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With your real twin flame, these issues will come up too, but only to narrow down your life’s mission.

Self-Help and Awareness

False twin flames teach us how to direct our energy and focus on helping ourselves.

They will make us self-aware, enough to rev up the courage to regain our self-respect.

With real twins, however, this desire to directly help ourselves will extend outwards.

Our false twins help transition our selfishness into selflessness.

But, in the end, it is with our true twin flames that our greed truly evolves and matures into unflinching compassion for others.

A Litmus-test for Love

A false twin flame relationship will also help distinguish love from lust.

Although you will have rough times with your authentic twin flame, you will always have a clear view of the future.

You will know that whatever challenges and difficulties arise, you and your twin flame will stay firm-footed.

With your false twin flame, on the contrary, as soon as the going gets tough, your relationship will collapse like a house of cards.

You will have doubts and fell isolated and alone and out-of-sorts.

Envisioning a Future

Your twin flame will help you narrow down your future.

When you can’t envision a future with them, it will indirectly help you realise what you want out of life.

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With your true twin flame, you are going to take up this path and grow into your own.

So, briefly, what is the purpose of a false twin flame?

To make us self-aware of our insecurities and internal conflicts but not to help us thrive and grow out of them?

That’s a job only our true twins can accomplish for us.

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