Are you having Twin Flame dreams during separation?

Enduring separation is a difficult time in your relationship, bringing with it strong feelings of uncertainty, instability, and despair.

The whole situation is often made more difficult by constant dreams.

Whenever we dream, we should be taking notes. While the body sleeps, the mind meets the soul.

You can reveal a lot by paying attention to your higher self as your lower self sleeps, helping you to move past this critical juncture in your relationship.

Why You Dream Of Your Twin Flame

If you want to understand why you dream of your Twin Flame so much more often than anyone else.

The key lies in the fact that you share what is sometimes called an “energy relationship.”

Most relationships are formed on personality, attraction, and other mundane concerns, but others are based more on the aura, karmic purpose, and energetic compatibility.

When you dream, your consciousness is transported to the Astral Plane.

This is allowed to happen because the connection between your physical body and your consciousness is weakest while you sleep.

While there, you can interact with your higher self. For most, this is a passive experience, but some people can take a more active role through lucid dreaming techniques.

Whether you have this skill or not, there is wisdom available if you are paying attention.

But even when you don’t pay particular attention, there are benefits to your relationship.

Experiences with your higher self help to develop your intuition, which is a powerful tool that helps guide you in the right direction on whichever path you find yourself.

Experiencing More Twin Flame Dreams During Separation

Many people detest the separation stage of this special karmic relationship, which is entirely understandable.

However, it is a necessary stage for many couples as it provides an opportunity for personal development, ensuring you are ready for Union.

The meeting shows you the light at the end of the tunnel. Separation is the tunnel.

The reason this stage happens is that one or both of you have insecurities, old wounds and deeply-held anxieties that are holding you back.

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The relationship cannot develop properly under these conditions, so separation happens.

As it happens, those exact same thought patterns tend to lead to more dreams at a higher emotional intensity.

When you are nervous about something, you tend to dream about it, and the same can be said for other negative emotions.

This is driven forward by an elevated energy state. The root of this is Soul Ache, which is like heartache on steroids.

It’s far more profound and more pervasive, but it also increases the energy in your aura as your soul reaches out for its Mirror.

This process tends to lead to higher intensity and frequency of dreams.

Dealing With Twin Flame Dreams During Separation

So dreams can be greatly affected by your emotional state, but the same is true the other way around.

Intense dreams can leave you feeling emotionally drained, prevent you from sleeping, and impact your motivation and focus.

If you are experiencing this issue now, meditation could be the answer.

Meditation is perfect for bringing your mind to the present moment and keeping it there. It can also aid sleep if performed in the evening.

Regular meditation also boosts your connection with your higher self.

An important aid you if you seek to establish telepathic communication with your Mirror Soul.

This is especially useful if your separation is no-contact.

Other ways of dealing with these draining dreams include the use of lavender scents and oils, cutting out caffeine after lunchtime, and regular aura cleansing rituals.

Use any technique you know to rid yourself of the lingering negative energy before you go to bed.

Messages From Twin Flame In Dreams During Separation

We mentioned earlier that dreams take place on the Astral Plane.

Most of the time, this is to convene with your higher self, who will present you with experiences designed to bring you wisdom and guidance.

However, this is not always the case. In some cases, you actually meet a karmic partner.

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This is possible because of your strong, innate energy relationship.

It can be difficult to tell if you are actually sharing the experience with your Mirror Soul.

If you aren’t in a position to ask them, as your higher self will often show them to you for various guidance reasons.

With experience, you will learn to tell the difference mostly through intuition as you attune to their energy and can differentiate it from your own.

If you do receive a message from your Twin Flame in a dream during separation, then it will probably have been unintentional.

This happens a lot when the connection is strong, and there is a good chance they have experienced the same thing, with you showing up in their dreams too.

This is almost more powerful than intentional communication.

Sending Messages

When you intend to send a message, you will hold back some stuff, edit your thoughts to protect their feelings – the same is true for them.

But when the messages are unintentional, they are also unfiltered.

Pay attention to the emotions and thoughts that occur during the dream, and, as soon as you wake, write down absolutely every detail you can remember.

Do it quickly, before the experience fades!

What the message means is entirely personal, but only to you, and you should spend some time interpreting it.

If you have a trusted psychic or tarot card reader in your social circle, then it might be worth asking them what it might mean, but they will only be able to guide you to an answer.

In conclusion, these dreams during the separation stage are both an obstacle and an opportunity. It’s all in what you make of it.

Take care of your self, your mental and emotional health, then worry about what the dreams might mean.

Your priority should be your own personal development right now – some opportunities for exactly that could be hiding in the message behind your dreams.

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