When you are about to meet your twin flame, signs from the universe will begin to appear in your life.

These signs exist to help guide you through this vital stage of your life and the relationship that will take your spirit and consciousness to the next level.

When you receive the signs, you should be aware of the journey that you are about to embark on and what it means for your future.

This experience is life-changing and can bring with it a sea-change in how you perceive the world and the people in it.

8 Twin Flame Signs From The Universe

Are you wondering if you are about to meet or have met your twin flame?

Think about the following signs and whether you’ve seen them yet:

1. You Weren’t Looking For Each Other

When you found each other, neither of you were particularly looking for love.

Your twin tends to show up when you least expect them, and it never happens on the timetable you had hoped for or assumed.

Searching for them only ever results in finding karmic partners.

It is because your “need” to find them is actually a result of old wounds that need healing; this healing takes place in this context through karmic relationships.

Basically, you will meet them when you meet them and there’s no changing that – no matter how inconvenient the timing is (and it will be!).

2. You Experienced Extraordinary Synchronicity

Synchronicity is the way the universe engineers coincidence.

It eventuates in two significant ways – by bringing the two of you together, and by leaving messages such as through number synchronicity.

The numbers that become synchronous in your life are called twin flame numbers because they deliver messages to you that relate to your relationship with your twin.

Look out for numbers like 11, 11:11, 22, 33, and any palindromic numbers (numbers that are the same backward and forwards) as these are often essential messages.

The events that lead up to your meeting will be highly synchronous.

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You both find yourselves in a place you wouldn’t usually be or plan to be in, at a time when you should be somewhere else.

It will also turn out that you had almost met several times, but the moment wasn’t quite right.

3. You Don’t Worry About Them Leaving You

When you enter the relationship, you don’t worry about losing them.

It’s not because you don’t care if you lose them, it’s that you feel secure in how they think about you and that makes you feel stable.

This calmness is the way the universe provides you with emotional stability as you progress along your journey of self-improvement and enlightenment.

4. You Experience Personal Progress

Speaking of self-improvement, spending time with your twin will also result in a high degree of personal progress.

Allow yourself to fill up with the kind of drive that only comes with inspiration from the universe.

New life billows into you, and between you, there is a strong desire to improve yourselves physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

5. You Have An Intense Connection

The connection that you feel is incredibly intense, so much so that you can feel it even when they aren’t around.

It is a sign from the universe that your connection is special and unique – but also powerful and intrinsic to your relationship.

Sparks fly when you are together, and you can feel the intense mutual chemistry that comes with matching soul patterns.

6. You Feel Like You Have Known Each Other Forever

You know that feeling when you meet an old friend you haven’t seen for a long time?

It feels like home, but an old house that isn’t yours anymore that you wish you could visit again.

That’s the feeling you get when you are with your twin flame, even when you have just met.

It is more than just a sense though, as it actually relates to a real relationship you share.

The universe allows you access to a small amount of emotional and spiritual memory as you live out your life on the physical plane.

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That results in shadows of memories of past lives, and the feeling of shocking familiarity you have with someone who might otherwise be a perfect stranger.

7. There Are Obstacles In The Way

One of the most distinct twin flame signs from the universe is if obstacles materialize that prevent you from entering into the relationship.

These obstacles always show up and can have several purposes.

First, they might simply be a test or challenge that is designed to help bring you together and put you on the same level.

Treat it as a bonding experience, and it will turn out to be less of a challenge and more of an opportunity.

On the other hand, those obstacles might be insurmountable.

Things like age gaps and distance often happen in twin flame relationships, and it could be a sign from the universe that you are not destined to be in a traditional, romantic relationship with your twin.

8. You Feel The Shared Urge To Make Positive Change

Finally, one of the giveaway twin flame signs from the universe is if you both feel the intense, unshakeable urge to work together to create positive change in the world.

Humanitarian thinking is a hallmark of this type of relationship, and many couples throw themselves into charity work to satisfy this urge.

Other relationships that you have had will have been all about the two of you, what you want, and where you want to be.

Not this one – this one is about what impact you can have on the world for the benefit of humanity as a whole.

If the universe is delivering you signs that you should work with your partner to help elevate humanity, heal its energies and work towards enlightenment, then there can be no more surefire sign that you are with your twin flame.

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