The twin flame testing stage of the relationship follows after you first meet and fall for each other.

This stage is the time in which you negotiate a future together and put in place the foundation for the road ahead.

It comes after the honeymoon phase where you are pretty much care-free and enjoying getting to know each other.

This stage lasts for a little while, but eventually, you will have to move on to the testing stage if you are to progress.

Navigating this phase of the twin flame relationship is essential if you are to unite and ascend with them in your lifetime.

Below is a short guide we have put together to lead you through this delicate phase of your relationship:

What To Expect In The Twin Flame Testing Stage

This stage begins with the end of the honeymoon phase.

While this is not technically a stage of this special karmic relationship, it is a normal part of all relationships, and therefore it is often seen here, too.

What marks the end of the honeymoon period?

It usually happens pretty quickly and shortly after your first real disagreement.

Suddenly you will find yourself thinking about the practical side of being together and what your plans for the future should be.

You are no longer just wanting to spend time with them for the sake of being near them – now you need stability, a commitment to the journey.

Many people mourn the death of the honeymoon period.

In fact, some people go around having short relationships purely, so they never have to progress past this point.

But you should see it not as the death of the old way, but as a new, more mature way of being together.

It has to happen sooner or later, and the sooner it happens, the sooner you can get on with your journey.

The testing phase involves a lot of exploration of each other’s values, needs, and plans for the future.

It is during this phase that you will discover the challenges and obstacles that await you further along – or at least get your first hints of them.

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You will also discuss and connect over talking about your goals and ambitions.

You will talk about whether you want a family if you wish to move somewhere new or stay where you are.

The other big-picture stuff that serious couples need to be on the same page about to go the distance.

Purpose Of The Twin Flame Testing Stage

The purpose of this stage of the relationship is to set out a sort of roadmap for your relationship.

Setting goals and aligning expectations early on can help to keep you on the same team as the challenges you face become more emotionally draining.

You will discover more and more about each other and learn more about each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

This map will help you to complement each other, covering for each other’s flaws and benefiting from each other’s virtues.

While the previous stage may have been more immediately blissful, this one is far more valuable in the long run.

The real purpose of this is to help you to set the right boundaries with each other and find the right approach to solving any problems that may come up.

You receive the early signs of the challenges that await you further down the road.

You must begin to prepare now if you want a (relatively) smooth ride as the challenges you face in this relationship are often deep within the cores of both of you.

Those deep fears, anxieties, and old wounds that burden you subconsciously are in the target sights for your twin flame relationship.

These are not easy things to deal with and will bring up a lot of pain and resentment if you are underprepared.

So getting a hint of them early on will help to make it less raw when it does come up properly.

Twin Flame Testing Stage Dangers & Pitfalls

The testing phase is not without its dangers and pitfalls to avoid. In fact, it usually leads directly to crisis and separation!

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For that separation to be short and the crisis to be not too critical, you need to make the most of this testing period.

Not doing so will mean that you have more to deal with before you can reach union, but you will not be around each other enough to make this happen quickly.

You need to go into this part of your relationship with an open mind and an open heart.

There’s no place for selfish thinking – you must see yourself as a partnership that is readying itself to take on the world.

Remember that they are as flawed and complex as you are and be understanding if their flaws show through.

You aren’t supposed to judge them and tell them they need to fix their issues.

You are supposed to support them and accept them for who they currently are.

Only that way can you help them to realise their best self.

One other major pitfall of this phase is it causes many people to doubt themselves and their judgment of this as the twin flame relationship.

Doubts are a normal part of the process, but you can’t allow yourself to be discouraged by them.

The newfound friction between you causes this.

For some, this doesn’t vibe with the idea of the relationship – but that is because your flame does have the wrong idea!

Your relationship will never be frictionless.

In fact, it can be tumultuous and difficult and painful because you are working on the deepest, most private parts of yourself.

The intensity of the experience causes friction.

So don’t fall into the trap of denying your relationship just because it doesn’t seem perfect right now.

There will be ups and down in this stage, and it is on you to ensure that you maintain emotional balance while navigating this crucial phase of your life.

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