The Twin Flame Illumination Stage is the sixth stage of the journey that you will take with your mirror soul.

It comes after Surrender, in which both twins surrender to and accept their unconditional love for each other.

It can be seen as a transitional stage between Surrender and Union, though some argue that this is simply a part of Union.

This part of your relationships is characterized by a shift in perspective from the inward-looking to a broader view of the world and humanity as a whole.

The spiritual and metaphysical aspects of your partnership come to the fore, and you are asked to take a journey together.

When your perspective is shifted that sharply, you are going to experience some instability.

To help you through the challenges that lie ahead, we have some tips and advice for you to be aware of.

Twin Flame Illumination Stage: Transition From Surrender

The Surrender Stage of the relationship is all about moving your focus from them onto yourself.

The chaser stops chasing and begins to work on themselves, concentrating on physical health and spiritual wellbeing.

The runner stops running and deals with the deep issues that caused them to run in the first place.

As you can see, the focus is on the self and on finding inner balance and peace.

It allows the Illumination Stage to be ushered in.

Your surrender brings you together in what is called a Soul Merge – though it should be noted that this is metaphorical and not a literal merging of souls.

A Soul Merge is essentially an alignment of your energy that “puts you on the same page” in terms of values, ideals and your shared understanding of the metaphysical nature of your relationship.

It is at this point that you enter Illumination and your focus switches away from your inner selves and out into the world.

Twin Flame Illumination Stage: A Broader Perspective

Many people get the core purpose of the Twin Flame relationship completely wrong.

They think it is about finding true love, finding a life partner, or having someone to have children.

Hopefully, your relationship will provide these things for you, but that isn’t why it exists.

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It is a partnership based on altruism. Your purpose is to embark on a healing journey for the benefit of humanity.

Providing advice, guidance, and healing to those who are yet to awaken or who are struggling with their inner selves is the reason for your shared destiny.

This is often described as “lifting the veil on your soul mission”, which is a wonderful way of thinking about it – for a couple of reasons.

First, it speaks to how Illumination is not creating your soul mission, but existed within you all along.

The process you are going through is uncovering this fact and showing you through your drive and urges that your real purpose is to heal humanity.

The other reason it should be thought of like this is that it conjures an image of a bride on her wedding day.

The ceremonial lifting of the veil is symbolic of how a married couple sees each other in a new way.

It is analogous to Illumination, as you are gaining a new perspective and seeing each other and yourselves as spiritual beings with a metaphysical purpose.

You are learning about yourselves and each other by embarking on a healing journey together.

9 Signs Of Twin Flame Illumination Stage

Want to know if you have entered this vital stage of the Twin Flame relationship? Look out for the following signs:

1. No Negative Associations

You hold no resentments, anger or grudges towards your partner, even though up until recently you would have associated them with pain, running and sadness.

Any obsessive thoughts, jealousy and neediness you have over them have dissipated.

All that is left behind is a renewed sense of love and harmony – and the feeling of certainty over your approach to Union.

2. Sudden Elation

Even if you can’t quite pin down the reason, you have been in a fantastic mood recently. Nothing much has changed except your attitude.

You begin to radiate love and positivity, bringing you more in line with Union and your true self.

The feeling is exhilarating, like the peak of a roller coaster before the drop.

3. Synchronicity Becomes Less Frequent

During the earlier, more difficult stages of the relationship you were bombarded by numbers and signs from the universe about the path you are on.

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These have faded away somewhat. It is because you are now on the right path and need little guidance.

You might still receive 11:11 as a sign of encouragement, but other synchronicities will be rare.

4. Harmony Blooms In Your Life

All of the different aspects of your life have recently come together in harmony.

Your money situation, home life, and career path have fallen into place, and this is having an excellent effect on your daily experience.

5. Increased Powers Of Manifestation

You have noticed that your powers of manifestation are reaping the rewards for you and those around you.

You feel more connected with your intuition and can handle a renewed power simmering within your intent.

6. Feel Self Responsibility & Control

You have realised that you are in control of the world you experience and the life that you love.

The blame game holds no water for you anymore and you no longer try to blame others for the problems in your life.

7. Social Harmony

Your social life has recently become very harmonious, with few conflicts or disagreements with your friends.

Any problematic relationships are on the mend, and you have let go of any old resentment.

8. Loss Of “Union Anxiety”

One of the main blocks Twin Flames experience (especially the chaser) is Union Anxiety.

This is where you are so anxious about achieving Union that it prevents you from doing so.

You have recently lost this feeling and now don’t care so much about it. It will happen when it happens – and if it doesn’t, you know you’ll be okay with that.

9. You See Your Own Hand In Your Partner’s Flaws

When you are arguing or in conflict with your Twin Flame, you do not go straight to blaming or criticizing them.

Instead, you look within yourself to see what you are doing to contribute to the conflict.

Conflict stops being about who is right and wrong and starts being about how you move forward together without blame or resentment.

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