Twin flame runner insanity is the state of mind that occurs during the runner and chaser stage of the twin soul journey.

This stage is characterized by a “pulling away” by one partner, just as the other tries to bring the two of you together.

It is a part of your relationship intended to give you greater insight into yourself and the human experience.

It also serves an important function in putting to bed the old wounds that still exist within your psyche.

In order for you to move forward together on your journey, the pain from your last journey must heal to pave the way forward.

But this stage shouldn’t go on for too long.

By understanding the insanity that the runner is experiencing, you can understand their pain and the reasons that you find this distance between you.

Once you understand it, there are tried and tested methods for bringing your twin flame runner’s insanity to an end – and finally achieve union!

Understanding Twin Flame Runner Insanity

In order to understand what a runner is going through, you have to appreciate the intense connection that exists between mirror souls.

The connection finds its roots in what some people call a “shared soul.” It is conceptually correct, but not literally correct.

It is actually a shared energy blueprint that forms the basis for both entirely separate souls.

The effect of being so closely aligned on an energy level is evident in the intense connection you share.

It affects you on every level – physical, emotional, and spiritual. It’s almost tangible, so strong that you can feel it whenever you are around each other.

As the “chaser,” you know the connection well and how it makes you feel.

You understand why you have these feelings for them and welcome the pull they exert on your soul.

Your runner doesn’t get it.

They have all the same feelings, feeling the same pull towards you as you do towards them.

They feel the connection, the chemistry, and the buzz of electricity whenever you are around.

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They know on the deepest, most fundamental level that you are essential to each other on the deepest level possible.

But something within them prevents them from seeing, seeking, or submitting to the truth.

That “something” will be their primary challenge in this stage, and it will be challenging.

It could be something as simple as a fear of commitment.

It could be a fear of rejection. It might not be fear at all, but rather an anger at a parent that has transferred into adulthood as a distrust of love and relationships.

Really, it could be anything. The challenges we face as individuals are as unique as we are.

Ending Twin Flame Runner Insanity

In many ways, it is not up to you to bring your runner back to the relationship.

They have their challenges and need to be ready within themselves to face them.

But that doesn’t mean you have just to sit around waiting for them.

There are things you should be doing in the meantime – and things you can do to help speed up your runner’s awakening.

1. Stop Manifesting Runner Insanity

Are you caught in a cycle of runner manifestation? It is common and one of the lessons you must learn during this process.

We are all blessed with the powers of manifestation. Whatever thoughts, ideas, and commands you put out into the universe will be returned in kind.

If you visualize, express, and embody success, then you will be successful. If you are always expecting to fail, then you will fail.

If you see them primarily as a runner, then they will remain that way.

The powers of manifestation present between you are highly enhanced due to the influence you have over each other’s energy.

By concentrating on their withdrawal from the relationship, whether physical or emotional, you are reinforcing that within them.

It is the essence of the self-fulfilling prophecy but realized within a relationship where the partners are genuinely each one half of a whole.

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2. Concentrate On Your Higher Selves

This particular kind of karmic relationship as we experience it is actually two relationships rolled into one.

There is your relationship here on Earth, on the physical plane. You meet, you go through the stages and hopefully achieve union.

Your primary relationship is actually between your higher selves – one that lasts all lifetimes and has a higher purpose to fulfill.

While the messiness of being in the physical world is keeping you apart, you can still engage with each other by using your meditation time to strengthen your soul bond.

Try to spend a little time channeling love for your twin flame during your regular meditation. It’s an easy meditation to learn if you haven’t already.

You can also have a close relationship with them on the astral plane through dreams and astral projection, though that is a more advanced topic that you will need to look into further.

We have guides on this site to help you do just that!

3. Keep Your Energy Clear

The number one cause of runners continuing to run is the presence of negative energy in the auras of both partners, as well as clouding the connection between you.

It is caused by the uncovering of old wounds that the twin flame meeting often causes.

The raw energy, passion, and emotional connection of this event can bring up some traumatic memories and deep-held neuroses.

It manifests as negative energy that must clear before the two of you can achieve union.

Keeping a regular cleansing and meditation schedule should help, but you should also concentrate some of your healing on the connection itself.

You should also send healing energy to your twin flame runner.

They are less equipped to deal with their old wounds, but with your support (even from afar) they can make it through this difficult stage and return to you in the union.

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