What can you do about false twin flame energy stealers? They get a high from the drama that follows them.

They are the antithesis of your true twin, who nourishes your higher self rather than sapping the power from you.

It is often this subtle difference that causes the signs that you are in this type of relationship.

In every other way they can have you fooled, but the effects of their energy stealing give them away in the end.

Spotting this type of karmic partner is not easy, but by paying attention to your auric health and spiritual wellbeing.

You can get out of this harmful situation once you understand all the lessons they are here to teach you.

False Twin Flame Energy

While your true twin will help you to absorb and raise your energies from Source, plugging into the power of the Earth and the astral plane to reinvigorate yourselves.

This will help you gain balance, this karmic partner will burden you with their negative life force.

This negative energy sticks around in your aura and your subtle body chakras, affecting your physical and spiritual health in all kinds of ways.

They often have muddy auras, too – and refuse to do anything about it.

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It’s so pervasive for them because they have no spiritual awareness.

These people are asleep spiritually and require awakening if they are to ditch the negativity they carry everywhere with them.

False Twin Flame Energy Vampire

We often refer to the false twin flame as an energy vampire – for various reasons.

They suck the life force from you, using it for their sustenance and to feed their aura.

In doing so, they give you some of their negative vibrations and effectively make you a bit more like them.

You can see it by them being jealous, short-tempered, controlling, and emotionally unavailable.

You will give and give, and all they will do is take from you without ever giving back.

But what you have to remember is that vampires don’t choose to be vampires – they were once victims, too.

They are not intentionally a life force vampire in your relationship.

They would be much better off getting their energy from Source and cleansing their negative energy with proper spiritual practice, but they don’t know how to do that (or lack the desire).

On the other hand, this relationship lasts as long as it takes, so the duration is up to you both, especially if you both have a lot to learn about yourselves.

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Therefore, it is up to you to identify this relationship and work on it.

By identifying the situation, you are taking control of your life and unburdening yourself of negative energy.

This is good for you as it allows you to move on with your life. But don’t feel bad – it is also good for them.

They will also learn some karmic lessons from this relationship, and hopefully will seize those lessons and stop their energy leeching ways.

You can replace them with the knowledge and wisdom that comes with spiritual awakening.

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