Being a twin flame chaser can be hard. Feelings of abandonment, rejection and frustration are natural for the chaser.

But did you know that your twin flame runner is suffering too?

The runner can get a bit of a bad rap, but they are merely following their path on the twin flame journey – just as you are!

Their path is no easier than yours. In fact, in some ways, being the twin flame runner can be much harder.

Runners Suffer Soul Shock

Soul shock is like heartbreak on steroids, and it occurs when twin flames are separated from each other.

Most people associate soul shock with the chaser, as it is the chaser that understands the real gravity of the twin flame relationship and knows what they have “lost”.

But the runner also experiences soul shock.

Soul shock is caused by a sudden weakening of the shared soul energy connection, causing withdrawal symptoms from twin flame energy.

The runner doesn’t need to know about or believe in twin flames in order to experience this soul shock.

It just happens to them.

Runners Don’t Know Why They Suffer

And that’s one of how the runner suffers more than the chaser during twin flame separation.

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The runner has no idea why they are suffering.

His feelings of soul shock and heartbreak seem to be entirely out of tune with how they usually deal with things.

They suddenly have all of these intense feelings that they don’t understand and don’t know how to handle.

Imagine having a painful itch somewhere on your body and not being able to find the source!

This ignorance of the twin flame relationship and spirituality, in general, is one of the core reasons that twin flame runners exist.

Once they find that itch, they’ll figure out that they need their twin flame to scratch their back.

Ending Runner Suffering

Unfortunately, there is only a little you can do to alleviate your twin flame runner’s suffering.

The process that the runner must go through to be fully ready for the twin flame relationship is one that they must go through alone.

Before twin flames can unite as one, they have to be able to stand apart.

The runner needs to come to terms with their feelings and heal the old wounds that drove them away in the first place.

They do not need to subscribe to all of the twin flame ideas, but without an open mind, they will continue to suffer.

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For the chaser, patience is key. But there are some things you can do to hurry the process along:

1. Soul Energy meditation. By sending love energies through the heart chakra, you can help to clarify the twin flame ideal in your runner’s mind.

2. Dream meeting. While you are separated on the physical plane, you can still communicate on the astral plane during sleep. Use this wisely and offer them support.

3. Work on yourself. Your role in separation is to lead by example, with the positive energies that come from this being shared with your runner through your chakras.

Do these things and rest assured that your runner will return. Just make sure you are ready when they do.

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