It can be a devastating experience to split up with your twin flame, but it is a normal part of the twin flame journey.

Learning how to attract your twin flame back will help to strengthen your relationship in the long run.

This period of separation is commonly called the runner/chaser stage.

During this difficult time, there are things you are supposed to be doing to prepare for the reunion stage.

These tips will help you bring the runner/chaser stage to an end.

1. Work On Your Own Flaws

Everybody has flaws. The purpose of the twin flame relationship is healing. This healing is forward-looking for the twins.

Twin Flames always have this forward energy rather than a backwards-looking one.

This means that the flaws you have brought to the relationship are yours to deal with, and it is during the runner/chaser stage that you do this work.

This stage cannot end until you are both adequately prepared. So do your bit, and hope he does his.

2. Use Your Souls Energy Connection

Twin flames have a very powerful spiritual connection using their combined Souls Energy patterns.

It is unbreakable and transfers a lot of energy, essentially allowing twin flames to merge their energies completely when they are around each other.

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You can use this energy to send thoughts of love and protection to your twin flame.

They will feel you and your intent behind it and associate those positive feelings with you.

3. Assist Your Runner’s Healing

Just as you are healing your own energy, your twin flame is currently treating theirs.

However, runners tend to be less spiritually capable than chasers so it might be difficult for them to tackle their flaws spiritually.

Luckily, you can use the Souls Energetic Pattern to help provide that energy.

You can do this through meditation.

The usual practice would be to draw energy in from Source to help expand and excite your own chakra system, but instead, you could send that energy out to them on your joint energy wave, so it empowers them.

4. Give Them Some Space

It is essential to give your twin flame space when they need it. Even if this is at home, sometimes having some space is all you need bounce back.

5. Call Upon Synchronicity

The power of synchronicity is well known, and you can use it to try to bring your twin flame back to you.

Think of numbers, idea, concepts or tv shows, songs and movies that mean something special to both of you.

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Send these as images to them and, if your intentions are pure, these images may materialise as synchronicity for your twin flame.

6. Be Patient

The twin flame runner/chaser stage is normal and happens to almost everyone.

It is painful, and it seems needless – but it isn’t. It needs to happen, and it will only last as long as it needs to.

So take a breath and ask yourself if you need to attract your twin flame back to your heart.

Once you can honestly answer “no” to that question, it is likely time that your twin flame will come back.

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