“My Twin Flame blocked me!” – It’s a common refrain heard from new Twin Flames across the world.

We have had many comments on articles regarding this subject, so we hope this gives you some much-needed clarity and hope.

This blocking 21st Century problem has inserted itself into a much older process, but in reality, it is just an extension of what came before.

Being blocked on social media by your mirror soul is painful, heartbreaking, and, above all, confusing.

After all, if the person who you are the most connected to in the whole universe has blocked you on social media, then are you ever going to feel a real, genuine connection?

Good news – this is temporary. What’s more, it is a natural and expected part of the Mirror Soul experience in the Internet Age.

But we know from experience that merely knowing that it is natural and temporary is not enough to help you through this ordeal.

In respect of that, we have put together this short guide on what to do when your Twin Flame blocks you on social media.

Why Has My Twin Flame Blocked Me?

In order for you to fully understand why your Twin Flame has blocked you on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you need to know about the stages of this special karmic relationship.

In particular, you should know about the separation stage.

During this stage, both of you take on a specific role – one becomes the Runner, and the other becomes the Chaser.

The Runner tends to be less spiritually aware, ruled more by cynicism and ego.

The Chaser is often highly spiritual and sees the importance of the mirror soul relationship.

You are the Chaser. Your Runner has blocked you because that’s part of running from the relationship in the 21st Century.

Whereas in previous generations, this has not been a factor, it must become a factor in this day and age.

Why are they running?

Because they are scared of the power of your connection, afraid of the commitment they must make and terrified of the feelings you have brought up within them.

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Being less spiritual, they do not have the knowledge and experience to recognize these feelings for what they are – the call of destiny, rendered in human emotion.

These feelings are the other side of the coin to your own, but make no mistake – it is the same coin.

What you are both experiencing is “soul shock,” which is like heartbreak but on steroids.

It is what it feels like to have a brief feeling of your destiny, only to have it ripped away by fate.

This stage of your relationship is perfectly normal and perfectly natural. More than that, it is absolutely necessary.

The universe has essentially given you a “taster” of your Mirror Soul to show you what you could have.

Now it waits until you are both ready before it can bring you back together once more in Union.

My Twin Flame Blocked Me – What Should I Do?

Have you accepted that this is a natural and healthy part of this relationship?

Probably not, it takes most people a bit of time to work through those feelings and reach acceptance.

But once you do, you will begin to wonder what you should be doing to win them back.

Well, there are several things you can do to speed up the process of Separation so that you may achieve Union – but they come with a caveat.

You cannot force the end of the Separation stage. It will take exactly as long as it needs to.

Not a second more, and certainly not a second less. Even if you do everything in your power every day to bring them back to you, you cannot cheat the universe.

But you can lend a helping hand.

The thing that keeps you apart is the existence of old wounds from the past that still sit within both of your psyches.

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This special karmic relationship is intended to be entirely forward-looking, so these past wounds must heal before the relationship can start.

Take a break from social media for a while. In fact, take a break from thinking about your Twin Flame while you’re at it.

For the time being, your spiritual efforts should be aimed inwards at your own soul.

There are still things from your past that you have yet to deal with, and those should be your priority right now.

By preparing yourself spiritually and mentally for Union, you inspire your Mirror Soul to do the same.

Your connection is so powerful and intense that the energy flow between you continues even when you have both physical and emotional distance.

It is because you are never far from each other on the astral plane.

By healing yourself, you are healing your mirror soul by extension.

It isn’t the only way you can help them.

Meditation designed to utilize your natural telepathic connection with each other can aid you in sending love, light, and healing to them even when they have blocked you on social media and severed all other domains of contact.

The fact is, you hardly need the internet to connect with your Mirror Soul.

After all, they have been connecting over vast distances for longer than the technology for the web has existed.

Finally, you need to see that your Twin Flame has blocked you because the universe has contrived for it to be so.

There is a purpose behind it.

That purpose is to cut you off entirely from them so that you may get your own affairs in order while they get theirs in order too.

Until you are both ready, this will not change.

Embrace the distance for a moment and think not about what pain it is causing you, but what opportunity it gives you to develop, evolve, and ascend spiritually – in preparation for your destiny.

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