The false twin flame stages are very similar to the stages of genuine twin relationship on the surface.

However, there are subtle differences that can tip you off as to the type of relationship you have.

See if you can recognize these stages from your own relationship:

Yearning Stage

Before you have ever met, you will begin yearning for “the one.”

There is a hole in your life, and you feel driven to find someone that fits – perhaps even a little too much.

Synchronicities surround you. Everywhere you go, you see couples, romantic movies or posters, numerology numbers – all the signs point to coming love.

You start to prepare yourself, working through any difficulties you are going through related to old wounds and past relationships.

Awakening Stage

This stage is when you meet, in a moment of awakening. You might only connect for a moment, but sparks fly, and you have a strong feeling that you have found what you have been looking.

While you should be in a good place when this happens, with your false twin flame this stage has you in a more vulnerable place in your life.

Nevertheless, you will have great chemistry, and to your eyes, they are perfect, genuine, and the real deal.

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Adjusting Stage

After the initial honeymoon period, you will start to get used to each other and discover more about each other.

The initial chemistry and strong emotions stick around, but it’s at this point that they start to sour a bit.

You convince yourself that you have fallen in love, and in many ways you have.

But you start to get your first clues that this isn’t your actual twin flame.

Problems start to come up, and the first arguments start to get going.

Crisis Stage

At some point, you will reach a boiling point. If this is the twin flame relationship, then you don’t want any part of it.

Although you feel as though you connect, you also feel uncomfortable and vulnerable around them – and not in a positive way.

You will experience an extended set of arguments over some time before reaching the next stage.

Runner/Chaser Stage

The runner and chaser stage for false twin flames is a bit different.

Rather than the runner running because they are confused and scared, they are running because they realize that the relationship is not the genuine article.

The chaser will still experience soul shock and is often left heartbroken for a little while.

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Fortunately, the last stage of the relationship is progression on your twin flame path.

After you finally break up, you will have learned the last lessons you needed to learn to be ready for your true twin.

This progression comes when you see this relationship for what it was – a learning experience that can help you to move forward.

And now you are ready to move on to the next stage of your spiritual journey.

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