One of the core meditation techniques that people like to use is a cord cutting meditation.

This powerful technique allows you to limit the effect of negative energy on your relationships.

This easy to follow guide will get you cutting cords in no time. But first, we should talk about why you might use cord cutting meditation.

Why Use Cord Cutting Meditation?

Cord cutting meditation is useful because it allows you to remove negative energy connections.

These connections lead to relationships plagued with jealousy, envy and bitterness, which in turn sap your positive energy and can leave you exhausted.

It might seem harsh to cut cords with someone, but if you have a negative relationship that you are better without, then it is a good choice.

Improve Positive Relationships With Cord Cutting

But cord cutting meditation isn’t all about severing relationships.

There are negative aspects to every relationship, and cord cutting meditation can sever those negative cords while leaving the positive cords alone!

Taking away neediness or other harmful aspects of a relationship can help you to foster good relationships with your friends, family and partners.

Cord Cutting Meditation Guide

Ready to do some cord cutting meditation?

The first step is to prepare your meditation space.

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Use your favourite scents and oils to build the right ambience, cleansing the area with sage if you have it (though you can do without).

Then sit on the floor and lay your hands palm up on your knees. Close your eyes and allow calmness and peace to flow over you.

Allow any thoughts to rise and pass, but don’t pay any attention to them. Allow them to be.

Once your mind is calm and peaceful, and unintentional thoughts have all but stopped, you are ready to call upon your guides to cut cords.

You might call upon the power of the universe, or of Source, or your spirit guides – any entity you wish.

Ask them to attend to you, and tell them your intention:

“I wish to cut to these cords.”

Find your cords. They extend from your heart chakra and should feel like a light tugging on your chest.

Visualise a knife or a pair of scissors, made of pure light energy. Allow it to slice through the cords, severing them one by one.

Picture the people who are related to those connections, as it will help you focus.

As each cord is cut, you will feel a wave of relief.

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These will build until every cord that needs cutting has been cut – at which point, you will feel energised and ready to take on the world.

At this point, start to bring yourself out. Allow thoughts to come back in, bringing you back to the physical world as you begin to pay them attention.

Then you may stand. Remember to cleanse the area once more to prevent residual energies from festering in the space.

You have just performed your first cord cutting meditation.


Make this meditation a regular part of your practice, and you will see excellent results in your life and relationships.

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