The beautiful thing about humanity’s ability to connect spiritually is that we can develop psychic cords not only with people but also with objects, places, ideas and memories.

There is a downside. We can forge psychic cords with sources of negative energy, which can have negative effects on our spiritual health.

Sometimes it becomes necessary to cut psychic cords to negative energy sources. If it’s necessary for you, here’s a simple way you can do it right now.

Identify The Negative Energy Source

The first thing you must do is identify the source of negative energy.

You’ll know when you have a psychic cord with negative energy if you experience the following symptoms:

Bad moods.
Loss of appetite.
Negative external thoughts.

Meditate on any symptoms you’re experiencing, and see if they connect with a person, place, object or concept in your mind.

Once you have a clear idea of the source of the negative energy, it’s time to move on.

Prepare A Meditative Space

Now it’s time to do some cord cutting. First, you will have to set up your meditation space.

Choose a place that is comfortable and where you won’t be disturbed. Light some incense or smudge the area, to clear any lingering energy.

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Sit down on the floor in whichever position is most comfortable for you, and relax into a meditative state.

Once you have achieved that, link your root chakra to Source and draw on the Earth’s cosmic energy by performing yogic breathing or a similar breathing exercise.

Finding Psychic Cords

Identifying the cord can be tricky, but with practice, you will get it down to an art form.

Visualise psychic cords connecting your heart chakra to the astral plane.

There will be thousands of them, bundled together, glowing in white or golden light.

You need to find the negative energy cord. Think of the person or thing you want to cut the cord with, and allow other connections to dissipate until there is only that one left.

You may want to touch the cords, feeling the energy to identify the correct one. It will be a darker colour, usually red, brown or grey.

Cutting The Negative Energy Cord

Finally, you may cut the cord.

It is symbolic, so choose whichever method resonates with you most. Some people choose to imagine scissors or a knife, and others like to shatter or rip it.

But as you do so, you must let go of the connection on an emotional level.

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Speak your intent. Something like, “I cut this cord to be free”. By voicing your intent, you give it power and yourself strength.

Finishing Up

Once the psychic cord is cut and the negative energy no longer affects you, it will feel as though a weight has lifted from your shoulders.

Cleanse your space by burning some sage if possible, before spending some time with your mind on something else.

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