Energy cord colors can tell us a lot about the nature of the cording between two people.

Cording happens when an energy connection formes that can transfer energy.

Different people accumulate different numbers of cords. Famous people like celebrities having vastly more than the average person.

Other people who have high levels of cording are people who work in the care or a healing profession, like doctors, nurses, shamans, and faith healers.

Energy cords take on the color of the primary chakras involved most directly with the relationship.

We can learn a lot about the nature of the relationship between two people who are corded by discovering the color and working out the primary chakras involved.

Energy Cord Color Meanings

There are a large variety of different colors an energy cord can appear in – more than there are primary chakras in the subtle body.

We many hues because the relationships we have are often complicated, involving more than one chakra directly.

The colors can then mix, meaning that there are many shades and subtle hues that represent different types of relationship.

However, a knowledge of the primary colors can help you to get an idea of the nature of a specific energy cord.

Here is a list of primary cord colors; in reality, there are thousands, maybe millions of hue shades:

  • Red (Root Chakra) – Survival, passion. Red relates to your base needs for survival, shelter, and food, as well as passion in life. People who need each other, or feel like they need each other, can form red cords.
  • Orange (Sacral Chakra) – Intimacy, desire, reproduction, creativity. Lovers can form orange connections, as well as partnerships like artist and muse – these relationships are very similar, after all.
  • Yellow (Solar Plexus Chakra) – Intellect, personal power. These are real-world connections based on material success and real life matters. These are mind relationships, where the ideas and thoughts are the things that matter most.
  • Green (Heart Chakra) – Love, affection, relationships. Strong relation to romance and deep love connections. Married or long-term couples tend to share green cords, but a sickly green might indicate excessive amounts of envy or jealousy.
  • Blue (Throat Chakra) – Expression, communication. These form between people who could talk forever, sharing great verbal chemistry and empowering each other to self-express without judgment.
  • Indigo (Third Eye Chakra) – Perception, higher senses, psychic power. Often formed between a psychic and client, but also a part of telepathic and other psychic connections.
  • Violet (Crown Chakra)Spirituality, consciousness, higher awareness. This color connection is highly spiritual. It is a bridge between people who connect through their advanced spirituality.
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There are so many other color possibilities considering the relationship combinations.

But armed with a basic idea of what each of the primary colors means you can get a better idea of what specific, subtle shades you may procure over time.

Of course, the color of a cord cannot tell you whether it is positive or negative when it comes to the effect it has on your wellbeing.

Discovering and cleansing negative energy cords is a whole other subject.

A knowledge of this topic will help you when it comes time to do some cleansing down the line.

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