Cutting etheric cords becomes necessary when you have spiritual-emotional connections with sources of negative energy in your life.

These cords exist between people who are connected, serving as an energy exchange between them and allowing cosmic flow.

They are stronger between people who see each other every day.

By severing these connections, you can stop the flow of bad energies into your system.

Consequences of negative energy in your system are many and varied, including depression, pain, fear, and anxiety.

Combined with healing, the severing of harmful cord connections is one of the best ways you can maintain and improve your spiritual health.

The clearing of these cords works best through cord cutting rituals, which involve visualization of the connections to be cut and the use of intent to sever the line.

Positive Etheric Cords

Most of the connections you have are positive etheric cords that carry positive energy.

You can have both positive and negative connections with someone, and it is important that you only cut the latter if the two can be separated.

These cords carry positive energy like love, light, kindness, and wisdom.

They are of paramount importance to every one of us, but some cord cutting rituals lump them in with the negative connections.

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Blending the two is a mistake as it lessens your ability to connect positively with the person.

You can tell these two cord types apart by sensing the kind of energy within them.

Negative energy feels oppressive, foggy, and claustrophobic, whereas positive energy feels uplifting, pure, and freeing.

Etheric Cords Psychic Attack

One unfortunate use for etheric cords is a psychic attack.

You might be under attack from:

  • A jealous friend or coworker.
  • An acquaintance who doesn’t like other people to be happy.
  • Someone with a grudge against you.
  • An overly negative person.

These attacks can be intentional or unintentional, but both pose a significant threat to your spiritual wellbeing.

A psychic attack is when someone sends large amounts of negative energy across your cord connection.

This attack gets into your system using the direct line to the psyche, meaning that you are very vulnerable to this type of attack.

Cutting these cords is the best defense, though you will still need healing afterward.

Avoiding the source person is also a good idea, though not always possible.

Signs you are under psychic attack include:

  • Headaches and migraines with no apparent cause.
  • Lethargy, tiredness, often insomnia-related.
  • Aches and pains with no medical cause.
  • If you always dream of being attacked or chased.
  • If you have extended bouts of paranoid thought patterns, including unrealistic fears and anxieties.
  • Obsessive thoughts about the attacker.
  • Urge to self-harm.
  • Low self-esteem, including self-doubt.
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If you are experiencing this, you cannot ignore it. As this goes on the symptoms will get worse and worse, so nipping it in the bud is the best option.

By cutting cords, you will protect your energy, and by extension your spiritual health and wellbeing.

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