Cord removal is an important part of maintaining spiritual health for anybody, but it is especially crucial for empaths.

Mastering cord removal techniques and cord cutting rituals is a vital step in empath development.

So if you are an empath or suspect you might be one, here is why you should be learning how to remove etheric cords of attachment:

What Are Etheric Cords?

Etheric cords connect us through our energy.

Most connections are quite weak and can only be felt when you are in each other’s presence.

But others are strong and fire 24/7, always sharing thought and emotion energies.

In an ideal world, we would all be connected by strong etheric cords. But with so much wrong in the world, there are some connections it simply isn’t good for us to keep.

That’s why we perform cord removal.

Why Is Cord Removal Necessary For Empaths?

Everybody could benefit from a cord removal session every once in a while.

Think of it like tending your garden, with negative connections instead of weeds.

Removing those negative connections allows more positive relationships to flourish, just as digging out the weeds leaves more nutrients for your flowers.

For empaths, this becomes necessary.

This is because empath cord connections are much stronger than a regular connection, and they tend to have many strong connections at once.

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Just by virtue of having more connections, cord removal becomes essential.

It isn’t just that, either. When an empath activates their abilities or becomes spiritually charged, their abilities are not contained only to the one connection – they fire on all connections.

This becomes exhausting quickly. Empaths tend to take on the pain and anxiety of others when their powers are active, so a single connection to a negative energy being could be utterly draining.

Avoid Empathic Spirals

There is also another problem for empaths with negative cord connections – getting stuck in an empathic spiral.

This is when an empath switches their abilities on by opening their energy to incoming connections, but because there is a negative connection they are unable to switch their abilities back off!

Negative cords have caused a lot of unnecessary suffering left uncut as empaths are stuck enduring someone else’s pain.

Should An Empath Abandon People?

Empaths are renowned for their ability to connect with people, and it is this ability that makes them excellent healers.

Some argue against empaths using cord removal techniques to maintain their spiritual health by claiming that empaths have to heal those connections and help rather than cut off contact.

While that is one way of looking at it, it seems clear that an empath can only heal as long as they are healthy themselves.

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Cord removal, when used correctly and sparingly, can help a developing empath to recover more in the long run.

It is the burden of the empath to feel the worst about cutting etheric cords, while also being the most in need of its effects.

But in an ever-more connected world, it has become a necessary practice.

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