After finally switching to a vegan lifestyle for ethical or other reasons, we stopped having sumptuous meals at fast food chain altogether.

But deep down, our longing for one delicious bite of a Burger King French fry or some of McDonald’s specialities never died off.

Is there an alternative way to fulfil this insatiable thirst for fast food? That’s the million dollar question. Well, there are relatively healthy vegan fast food choices at restaurants that can somewhat fulfil your voracious appetite for fast food.

With more and more people adopting a vegan lifestyle, fast food restaurants have incorporated numerous vegan fast food choices in their menus to accommodate these strictly vegan forces.

In no way, are these vegan options healthy because they are loaded with additives, salts etc. But at least, they won’t destroy the sanctity of your vegan lifestyle.

We have compiled a list of the best available vegan options for you to choose from while you’re dining at a fast food restaurant, and thinking about what to eat.


This place is a vegan’s fast food paradise.  The people behind chipotle encourage the use of Non-GMO, organic, superior ingredients that don’t pose a threat to your health in any way.

You can order without hesitation. The best thing is that the only non-vegan options on their menu are sour cream, meat or cheese.

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The rest of the menu is entirely vegan. This diversity of vegan options in this restaurant is commendable.

You can pick all of the different types of guacamole, burritos, tacos, beans, tasty salads etc.


Most fast food diners aren’t inviting for vegans, but Denny’s stands out from the herd and does as much as it can to accommodate vegans.

The inclusion of vegan-friendly English muffins, plain toasted bagels, applesauce, vegetable plates, fresh fruits, seasoned French fries and other vegan edible options in their menu are going to give a variety of options to fast food hungry vegans.

So, buckle up and head to Denny’s to fulfil your vegan desires. Oh! I almost forgot their Amy’s burgers which enable a vegan to make their customised burger.

Make sure that you choose vegan-friendly options while designing your personalised burger.  Steer clear of dairy products.Vegan fast food choices


Not many pizza places have vegan-friendly options to pick from, but Domino’s has noticed the vegan market and included vegan pizzas on their menu to attract vegan customers around the globe.

The thin crust at domino’s and regular pizza sauce is free from animal products.

You can choose from a large selection of veggies and add garlic, hot buffalo or Italian dripping cups to concoct a delicious pizza.

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Jason’s Deli

Well, this isn’t exactly vegan heaven, but you still have a fair amount of vegan options to choose from.

The spinach veggie wrap and the organic vegetable soup with steamed veggies and a fresh fruit cup are good choices.

Moreover, you also have blue corn tortilla chips, bagged chips and other vegan options that aren’t too bad considering it’s a non-vegan destination.